Entry for July 13, 2008 ” Take It In Stride” Part2

This epic is a continuance from the previous one created which when editing it sounded like a drama. One must have their own life’s pleasures, annoyances and esperiences to make life have diversity which is the spice and makes life on a whole most interesting. And one must take this conglomeration and take it in stride. Now on with this topic is as follows. Noticing that one of my nieces Christal appeared with my screenname, this was to my advantage for I didn’t want the person to actually know who I really was, and besides using yahoo messenger this first time I didn’t know how to change it. I am happily to report that I’ve change it to my own name shortly after this happened. Ask him if Thomas Hardy was his name and not to be redundant, he added it was a famous writer; which it is b/c I looked it up briefly on the borders before creating this.On the subjectt on sports, said that I like ice hockey(my favourite) and soccer. He said liked soccer and crittete and I said that I had seen it played. He asked if I had children and I said I have two grown sons and four grandchildren. He said that he has four sons and a daughter and one son has five children. Discussed if anyone was viewing the content of the conversations and he said that he had his own computer and was at home and I had the same and was in the same place. Asked if I liked the environs and I said no not really and he unloaded it. His salutations were the same as the previous day very affectionately. One the subject of children, I said that I had two sons one in Seattle ; his name is Andre,but never did I say anything of the other son. There was a misunderstanding of the number of children. He said did I have five grandchildren and was the one as a result of my son’s girlfriend. I said no. He asked who I lived with, and I said I lived with friends. He said he lived with his children and wife. And I said you should be a friend to her and close to her. And he said he would be a good and close friend to me as well. I said you have issues. He said that he is honest and honest with anybody; is that bad. He asked if I was angry and I said disappointed. He said esplain please and I said it doesn’t matter.I said Goodbye and he said Please and it was hyphenated. I clicked ignore. Finesse to the drama thusfar. This is happily done. It was giving me stress just blogging it. Was to give the reader a picture of it and tried not to leave out anything of pertinency.

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