Entry for July 14, 2008 “Lies”

Lies may in fact take in numerous forms. In general conversations between others, one may debate if half truths which are just enough to tell the other questioned without going into detailed wording to satisfy the person’s curiosity.Are half truths lies? Others will just tell another what what to hear to spare the feelings,they use that in justification. Is mental reservation in the same category when one is speaking of a lie? Mental reservation is used if one is alone and someone comes to their door and asks if someone else is there. And the one questioned says something to the fact as yes or makes up a believable story only in the attempt of protecting oneself. One always recognises and out in out lie. In the court of law it is called perjury, whether or not the lie is compounded. There is a term called psychopatic liar; not knowing that the lies are in fact what they are and not having the power to have the knowledge to see the difference. It is most unsettling to have the cognizance that children at a very young age are trained to lie be their parents and family. This starts at the age of two or when the child is ready to speak and the child will receive retribution for their actions. So when the child becomes older the lies are in continuance and are more intense. So when the child becomes an adolesant, teenager or young adult; it becomes a natural ability.They will lie about themselves both in a minor and major terms. And their whole life is a lie and a series of lies for they are not able to change this shameful habit without a forcible action taken. These person are programe and one must focus to gentle deprogramming. For their minds are like computers as all minds are; some have nil info and some have a great deal of info, and in this case it is twisted. A postscript to yesterday’s blog that was a lesson in honesty and he eschanged with me his birthday and some other item which isn’t recalled at this moment. However in mentioning it is was about honesty,which is the best policy and can be done as a fault. Yet all in all it is truly the way to react.

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