Entry for July 20, 2008 “Discouveries”

One will envariably find discouveries in everyday ventures, as one is most observant in their vigilance in noticing several aspects. One being astrological signs, and the word within that word which is logic may give prudence to that analysation. One may have the notion that this credence has justification. As to the clarity of why a certain person gets on better with another; and others don’t must correlate directly or indirectly to these signs. As for one it is scientifically proven. One may demand the question as to why then are there many divorces in this country. That response does in fact have a myriad of answers and they are a conglomeration of numerous issues. Speaking for this blogger one is attune to virgo and capricorn. If one mentions in the course of making small talk’ that it just wasn’t to meant to be’ are they referring to the stars or to the signs? One has to wonder. Am in the middle of the same book mentioned yesterday which is elegantly scripted with delicateness. If one has the perpendency to take a gander at the traits signified by each of the astrological signs one will see there is truth to what is there, however must be take not in authentically. This is never in catagorically as tarro cards to tell the fortune of another for that is marlarky, balonney and all the above. Yet in the defence of the signs one should know that all isn’t all what its cracked up to be. It isn’t others to seek out one’s destiny, it is the responsibility of oneself to act in a respective matter that will give the person a dignity which is irreplacable. Yet a little savor faire aids in reference to this epic. One longs for some consequential knowledge for one may never obtain enough of it. Knowledge is power.

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