Entry for July 25, 2008″ Irritants”

With today’s technology one would think that irritants would be solved in a more espedient manner. One should be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Yet one finds it with atagonism when one is doing their utmost to interpert the issue involved another wants to make the issue larger en lieu of just saying what needs to be said and therefore avoiding needed tension in the process. The issue is with the phone lines. It has happened on four different occasions. All of a sudden, one uses the phone to make a call and there is no dial tone. So one doesn’t panic one just goes about doing what things needed to be done and deals with it at a later date. For at the time one was in the middle of books; so one was ok at that time. Finished the book mentioned in the last blog. It was sensational and all of them were and of course without comparison. There are two phone lines in this house. Mine and theirs. Carol has a jack; mine does not, too espensive. So mine is in the basement and it has been that way since I’ve moved here and before Carol asked if that would be ok with me and I said sure why not. First time and second time the issue occurred it was a issue with the wires in the basement and it was solved by replacing the meticulous wire; then the third time it was the wire in my bedroom that needed to be recified. That was done and now the fourth time it was a wire being cut for some unknown reason; I asked the att technican to please inform Carol of that issue. And in the course of repairing it he instructed Carol and myself of the outside box in back of the house. At each time I wasn’t charged b/c of the maintenence plan that I have included in the payment each month. That is little or no consolation to this recurring issue. Might add that I went to Radio Shack and purchased a new battery thinking that was the issue. In speaking on the phone previously there was a scratching noise deteched by those in whom one was contacted. And one noticed previously the range of the phone was non esistant as it is a cordless phone and the only one; one has at the moment. When it works its fine, if not deal with it.

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