Entry for July 26, 2008″ A Project”

This project will be in a number of stages. First the thought process, the planning, the measuring, the certain people involved who must be trusted, the knowledge of those individuals as far as technology is certained, and the willing on one’s part not to renege for any reason; one being problematic. For anything one does, it is essential to follow through to the outcome of it; for what is the reason for commensing with it in the first place. The accomplishment one feels when the something is finished makes one feel worthy of doing it and knowing it was done with one’s satisfaction. Thinking there is a mystery and the revelation to it makes it all the more worth attaining this goal. Knowing that it will take patience, know-how, cooperation and technique is all part of the wide picture. Knowing that it will take a matter of precious time over perhaps a long period doesn’t deter one’s ambition. Saw Ian’s bid list of where he is scheduled to travel and live next; and it seems pretty interesting. Taken a small break from reading. Have three books yet to read and there isn’t an urge for it now. Enjoying my contact with my neices, Christal and Lizzy. Emailing and answering them and ignoring some takes one’s time. Speaking of the epic at hand; want to toss the bed being that it has been outlandishly uncomfortable. It was secondhand from the beginning. Got it from one of my neices. One was and am totally in awe of it and she is and was most gracious. Yet now it is time to throw it. One is living in a room that is small and one has most of the furniture one owns within it. The door to the room doesn’t open all the way which is ok and has been ok for two years. And knowing that the digital era is upon the universe soon, that in itself spark this idea. What to give one’s entertainment center along with one’s two glass end tables to St Vincent’s De Paul Society. Phoned them yesterday as to this possibility and the receptionist was most pleasant. Will give the readers and update and will entitle it that.

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