Entry for July 28, 2008″ Attributes”

If one would take a sec and notice the similarites en lieu of the differential pertaining to the wants and needs of certain cultures. The motto waste not want not is authentic. The attitudes and attributes are characteristically to other cultures verses our own. Hence questions abound. One comes to mind; why do americans discard the pealings from apples, oranges, watermelons, and other melons including mangoes, and bananas? The vitamins in apples for instance has pecten and is essential to one’s overall health.This question is versed b/c in India, the genre used all their resources obtained by the earth and their thriftness is commended and minimal. They use everything available and reuse it several time if necessary. If one is wondering in referring to this knowledge; it is after reading a book mentioned in the last blog.Another set of humans are the Eskimos.These pensive fellow creatures utilise all that is available from the earth as well. The blubber from seals and other animals for clothing, to heat their domicile. That is perhaps one of a meriad of their ingenuity and their creativeness. One may ascertain that there are several other cultures in the world that have the same criteria. One wouldn’t surmise that these two cultures mentioned could go with the lack of food to energize their bodies. However unfortunately they do yet have the presence of mind to do something about their plight. If one is given in a continuing matter there is not a sense to strive for anything, their appreciation isn’t there for they can’t contemplate appreciation and more they are unaware of how to appreciate. If one for some reason or another is forever foolishly bailing them out of one jam after another; then there is no chance of survival. One must take the hard knocks and in doing so that person builds character.

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