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Entry for August 31, 2008″ A Couple Of Notes” Part 3

August 31, 2008

As one contemplates how one actually does have a choice of their own destiny, that is up for debate. Yet unfortunately this concept doesn’t work when one is a child. For children don’t make decisions when it comes to moving the whole family. It is the responsibility of parents. Sadly some parents aren’t capable of that for their own inner issues. One was astounded to hear the news within in janesville, wi., of the homeless children that are in the school system. This news report was very vague. However it mentioned that over eighty thousand children are in the same predicament within the whole state. That is an horrific figure. Naturally questions come from the listeners. Is this an actual figure or esaggerated? Where do these children go when school isn’t in session? What are the approsimate ages ages of them? Do they go to shelters or orphanages? Are they latch-key children? At what age does the state consider a legal age? Are they emancipated? Why hasn’t this come to light, and why has it taken so long to be noticed? These questions have to be considered before addressing this quandary. One wonders if this contributes to underage drinking and the many other issues facing this state. One shouldn’t put a bandaid on it or ignore it as it is unspeakable. One should remember that this is the twenty first century and how atrocious this is; it is not wise to ignore it, for it won’t go away; it will only get larger. By addressing this one only has the desire to make the state better and never have a sense of apathy. The social issues within a state varies in diversity and in enormity. All the rhetoric is in retrospect. Words and actions does the magic which get events achieved. One should teach by esample.

Entry for August 30, 2008″ A Couple Of Notes” Part 2

August 30, 2008

Not really interested in the local news for it doesn’t strike ones fancy. Yet from time to time there is a reservation to the rule. One is more intrigued with the happenings that is in occurrence nationally and internationally. For that one feels has a direct link to what is happening locally as well. A news segment was on the tele about the state budget and the irregularities. The governour of this state borrowed a large amount of money from the state budget which is in the red; not once but a second time. This was allocated to the patience medical fund supposedly for low income persons to pay for their medical needs. At this moment this is waiting for a judge’s ruling on the legality. In one’s opinion one should think that it is an abomination; for the reason that this action will drive up costs for patients and doctors, specialists and will drive up their malpractice insurance considerably. This could be to a point of not being able to afford the insurance and would have to resort in selling their practice to another doctor. This wouldn’t be the first time it would have been done for the mal-practice insurance would be so astonomical that it would end up being unaffordable. This is a liberal state and it is moreso in many ways and it can be too liberal if one wants to debate it if one is so inclined to do so. If there is an equality to all, than why is it required to give special privileges to persons who haven’t earned it? Is it again giving them a hand-out instead of a hand-up? Will these people benefit from this action? There are many persons who go to the doctor; specialist yearly and have had not a penny for medical insurance too. The cost partially is provided by medicare and partially it is out of pocket. One is encouraged that the judge will eventually rule against this action. These officials who are in office are there politically and not on their merit. The same are voted into office and in some cases have no business being there. One is encouraged too that the district attorney could bring criminal charges against this governour and he would have to resign instead of facing impeachment proceedings against him. It surely wouldn’t be the first time that a state has faced a crisis. Or is he in collusion? The governour should be for the betterment of all and not for a few in a state.

Entry for August 29, 2008 ” A Couple Of Notes”Part 1

August 29, 2008

Aside from the daily commentary a couple of notes that are indeed newsworthy and surely have merit. Both were mentioned in two separate programs which are merely unrelated, and found accidentally while thumbing through the rubbish that is on the tele at a usual hour. One programme focused on a women’s prison in Mexico. This prison contained women whose crime was drug smuggling and they had to face lengthy sentences. That is really not the focus of which one wants to dwell; for that is the norm. This prison is the home of their offsprings. That is correct. The children who are born to these inmates and are allowed to live there in the prison up to the age of six years of age. Where do these poor unfortunates go after they reach the designated age? Are the shipped off to an orphanage provided by an org. that is indelible of their faith. The day to day life of these children must become in the long run very shameful for these many innocent beings. To fall asleep at night and wake up to another morning and have bars and locks on the windows; this is not just but it is reality. Surely these children have to feel some inner emotional pain as a result of their meek surroundings. These children are treated with the utmost of care in a physical way to make their life as cheerful as normal. Given enough to eat, given enough attention to their basic needs, and given enteraction with the other children in the way of daily activities when provided. The programme was aired with the conjugation of the bbc. This mentioned that in the uk., children are taken from the prison at a year and a half; in sweden they are taken from the prison after being born. Each country has their own laws to deal with this unspeakable issue.

Entry for August 28, 2008 ” Books Verses Movies”

August 28, 2008

The controversy of a book that is made into a movie or vis-versa is in the end copacetic. One may ponder the correlation. I, for one have the preferentialism to read only the book. For the movie usually will miss something. In some cases it’s over dramatised. One has read some very realistic visual documentaries on historial events. There is a very minute difference between them both and one doesn’t like to have actual visual pictures in one’s mind for it may linger far longer and may effect one in an emotional way. One tends to have favourite authors who have the power of writing in a most unique way. One of many come to mind, Sabastian Junger. He has written three powerful books and one was made into a movie and it actually lost the content and failed to capture the theme. One tends to read non-fiction most of the time and that is where one obtains their knowledge with an entertaining prospect. In some cases too, movies seem to glorify the events and tend to add or subtract from the content. One comes to mind, Dr. Zhivago. Read the book later before viewing the movie and in that case the movie was far better. The book detailed much of the Russian history. The book Black Hawk Down was wonderfully scripted and very graphic and one didn’t need to see the movie. This surely is a lighter topic than the ones captioned previously. That is fine for one doesn’t need to be intense. It is good for one’s composition once in a while to have a balance to one’s inner soul so that one may have a better way of viewing the world and the image one has is best of all as a culmination of this orifice.

Entry for August 26, 2008″ Take Time To Travel” Part 2

August 26, 2008

With thought, cooperation, and planning dreams become reality. This has been done numerous times in one’s life; as the end result becomes overwhemingly triumphant. This again one is commensing at this very second; certain family relatives for a get- together. This, one knows it will be achieved. Some months ago, in fact recently I spoke to my brother’s wife Ellen, who is most congenial; about my desire to have Andre, Heather, Christal, Liz, and Mike and Jen and Ryan and of course their prospective mates and to see all of them. Ellen thinks its an escellent idea as I do myself. Andre, my son who lives in Seattle; I haven’t seen him since 2004 and speak to him on a regular basis. Heather who lives in Colorado Springs is my niece. Christal and Liz are my nieces too. Jen and Ryan are my niece and nephew who are Ellen’s and my brother’s daughter and son. Mike is my cousin and his brother Tim, I was in close contact. One would think this venture would be very nice, fun, and leisurely without a bit a tension. Have been wanting to take time to travel, yet wanted it to be meaningful and productive and one is convinced that this will come about in due course. And also knowing that all the above mentioned have espressed their willingness to see me individually so one thinks it would be wonderful to see everyone there and being that all will be in the general area. Have been in contact with all the above and thought this would be a great opportunity for all to see one another and chat endlessly about their life in a way that is not obligatory. Looking forward to the adventure so one may laugh and joke and have a superlative time. As one knows that one needs this in their life and it may be said too that one deserves this too. As one was blogging I received an email from Heather, my sister Anne’s daughter. One may say the laughter is the best medicine. One may also say that the more one laughs that it releases inner stress and one is apt to have a longer and a more content life.

Entry for August 25, 2008 ” Take Time To Travel” Part 1

August 25, 2008

With the conducive weather upon the one’s who would like to take the time to travel a suggestion comes to mind as one could take the opportunity find a book and journey through the myriad of adventures which are a positive way to spend one’s energy. Just finished a book”The Deadly Piece” by Pete Hamill. It was written with the esperience of espertise. It was mystery and most captivating. At the same period of time one viewed the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and thinking of the way China did everything possible to educate the rest of the world and at the same way edifying themselves. One of many ways this was done was to take the time to learn English so that the Chinese would be able to converse in a sensible clear matter to the countries visiting them for the massive event. China was harmonius to the other countries regardless of their political, ethnic, religious, or any other view. Every country in the world has it inner struggle and no country is perfect in any way. China had the dignity and respect to give the other countries the same as they of course have for themselves. The broadcasters who did the program lineups; typically concentrated on the sports that the Americans were performing and other broadcasters were doing the same indigenous to that particular country. That is naturally human. To critique it, the entirity would have been better handled if the commentators were to comment on the sport of soccer and field hockey and sports that Americans were not in so that the Americans would be educated in other ways. That in reality is never the case however only an implication. In retrospect information is knowledge and knowledge is power. The more this is obtainable the better one has broadmindedness and a much better understanding in the way of empathy.

Entry for August 22, 2008″ Update Part 3

August 22, 2008

As one reminisces on the said project, it took merely a week to accomplish in its entirety. This was with careful preparedness on one’s part prior to the operation. The movers were from madcity and did a very competent job and were very congenial in the process. They were two men who first took the both the mattress and boxsprings to the curb. That was done before my putting the dresser in the bathroom so they could have smooth sailing. With that out of the way, then they handled the entertainment center and placed that in the driveway. That was done before my disconnecting all the wires to the tele, dvd player, the radio, and the phone. Then they took the tv out of the entertainment center and placed it gently on the floor. They asked me where I wanted each item beforehand. Then they took my loveset from the living room and place vertically near the window in my room. Then they brought my sofa from the basement and placed it horizontally near the other window. This was done prior to thoroughly cleaning and all the cushions and all of the fabrics of the both items. In the process of the items being transported, they had to take and replace the back, front and bedroom doors b/c the two items were fullsized. And with that out of the way; they put the table legs on the table and put the leaf in the table and put the tv on the table and faced it one way so one could sit comfortably on the loveset and view the tele from that vantage point. Then they placed the computer and monitor on the loveset. There were two glass tables which were under both the computer and monitor and the keyboard was too placed on the loveset along with the mouse. I then took the two glass tables to the driveway. These items in the driveway were given to the St. Vincent De Paul Society. The two movers were working by the hour and it took only an hour in a half plus the driving time. This company is local and very reliable. Then after they left the premises one had to take my dresser and place it back in my bedroom and set it aside my bookcase. Then I called Rick to reconnect my computer and monitor w/ keyboard and mouse and it is now on the table, facing in the opposite direction from the tele. so on may simply blog and view the myriad of sites available to ones access and at ones own leisure.

Entry for August 21, 2008″ Update” Part 2

August 21, 2008

Just sitting here at my computer is a mere joy as one recollects the days prior to this coming about, as the breezes run through the two windows giving off a cross breeze which seem better at this point. Let me first jump ahead for my gratification. This computer which is a year old has had a virus and therefore one was simply not able to look at the different websites and was not able to get emails and or anything in that fashion. So now the computer is up and running thanks to the genius of a friend; the same person my son Ian contacted in his generosity of buying a new computer for me in the first place. This person had to painstakingly clean the computer out of the virus and then carefully put back the sites which one enjoys using. While not having the use of the computer one was mainly taking the opportunity of doing other things and kept optimistically occupied with other useful things. In that lapse of time, had an eye doctor’s appt. and one is content to report that everything went and is superbly. Finished a book’ Irrational Ravings’ by Pete Hamill. It is a book of his newspaper articles which spand the decades of the ’60’s through a very turbulent time in our nation’s history and written with mere finesse and espertise. Took several walks and enjoyed the nice weather. Kept in contact with several persons by phone and didn’t get worried at all and thought in a positive manner throughout the lapse of time. Noticed when one finally got on this site and partially read the topic one was content with it however noticed that one was title was mispelled so one had the presence of mind to observe that error a correct it momentarily. Mowed the back and front lawns and carried on with daily activities keeping the confidence that it would be done in a way conducive in a right matter. And so it came to be. One might add that the virus was done only only to this computer but to many more and now one has been given a tool that will hopefully combat this being done or not to the estent that it was done. One is most happy at the outcome. Finally one can say that one feels most favourably connected in an unimaginable way. For viewing my family’s website is truly magificent. For only a week it was done, one did miss out on the happenings of others. So it is good to have it running and up and running better than previously. Was most happy to view Lizzy’s new and estended site. My son Andre is working on documentary which will add to his many talents. Just enjoying blogging that when one doesn’t have the opportunity one misses it and realises the appreciation when the availably of it is taken for some reason. One shall continue to blog. Been watching the Olympics too in my lapse time. Enjoying swimming, diving, soccer and the opening ceremonies.Looking forward to viewing the closing ceremonies as well.

Entry for August 02, 2008″ Undate” Part 1

August 2, 2008

This month is a cause for celebrations in a personal way. One will denote this month as a year of blogging. A mere milestone. Still getting joie de vivre. Waking up this morning with the sun shining brings one happiness, moreso it valedates the satisfaction that happened the previous day. This being, in the course of a conversation it was suggested that one would phone the nearby moving company; and quoted a price an hour, and the magic day and time will be Monday the fourth. One is content with the prospect of a solution. So Monday at the designated time two professionals will come and move my bed to the curb. In place of that they will take my sofa from the basement and bring it to my room. Then they will take my loveseat from the living room and place it in the bedroom. Then they will take my entertainment center out of the room and place it outside of the house for St Vincents De Paul to carry off. This will take them an hour in a half. Then eventually within a minute span of time my glass end tables will be set out to give to the same org. The tele, dvd player, phone and radio will be unplugged beforehand. This process will be done on Sunday evening. So only a couple of more days to go before that occurs. In the meantime one can’t sleep on the bed, for it is mere torture. The boxsprings have given way and there isn’t a place to sleep on it at all. Knowing that my sofa is very comfortable, proof being that one slept last with the cushions on the floor with a pillow under one’s head and didn’t wake up with a backache. So this is very promising and will do the same tonight and tomorrow night. One may say where there’s a will there’s a way.