Entry for August 02, 2008″ Undate” Part 1

This month is a cause for celebrations in a personal way. One will denote this month as a year of blogging. A mere milestone. Still getting joie de vivre. Waking up this morning with the sun shining brings one happiness, moreso it valedates the satisfaction that happened the previous day. This being, in the course of a conversation it was suggested that one would phone the nearby moving company; and quoted a price an hour, and the magic day and time will be Monday the fourth. One is content with the prospect of a solution. So Monday at the designated time two professionals will come and move my bed to the curb. In place of that they will take my sofa from the basement and bring it to my room. Then they will take my loveseat from the living room and place it in the bedroom. Then they will take my entertainment center out of the room and place it outside of the house for St Vincents De Paul to carry off. This will take them an hour in a half. Then eventually within a minute span of time my glass end tables will be set out to give to the same org. The tele, dvd player, phone and radio will be unplugged beforehand. This process will be done on Sunday evening. So only a couple of more days to go before that occurs. In the meantime one can’t sleep on the bed, for it is mere torture. The boxsprings have given way and there isn’t a place to sleep on it at all. Knowing that my sofa is very comfortable, proof being that one slept last with the cushions on the floor with a pillow under one’s head and didn’t wake up with a backache. So this is very promising and will do the same tonight and tomorrow night. One may say where there’s a will there’s a way.

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