Entry for August 21, 2008″ Update” Part 2

Just sitting here at my computer is a mere joy as one recollects the days prior to this coming about, as the breezes run through the two windows giving off a cross breeze which seem better at this point. Let me first jump ahead for my gratification. This computer which is a year old has had a virus and therefore one was simply not able to look at the different websites and was not able to get emails and or anything in that fashion. So now the computer is up and running thanks to the genius of a friend; the same person my son Ian contacted in his generosity of buying a new computer for me in the first place. This person had to painstakingly clean the computer out of the virus and then carefully put back the sites which one enjoys using. While not having the use of the computer one was mainly taking the opportunity of doing other things and kept optimistically occupied with other useful things. In that lapse of time, had an eye doctor’s appt. and one is content to report that everything went and is superbly. Finished a book’ Irrational Ravings’ by Pete Hamill. It is a book of his newspaper articles which spand the decades of the ’60’s through a very turbulent time in our nation’s history and written with mere finesse and espertise. Took several walks and enjoyed the nice weather. Kept in contact with several persons by phone and didn’t get worried at all and thought in a positive manner throughout the lapse of time. Noticed when one finally got on this site and partially read the topic one was content with it however noticed that one was title was mispelled so one had the presence of mind to observe that error a correct it momentarily. Mowed the back and front lawns and carried on with daily activities keeping the confidence that it would be done in a way conducive in a right matter. And so it came to be. One might add that the virus was done only only to this computer but to many more and now one has been given a tool that will hopefully combat this being done or not to the estent that it was done. One is most happy at the outcome. Finally one can say that one feels most favourably connected in an unimaginable way. For viewing my family’s website is truly magificent. For only a week it was done, one did miss out on the happenings of others. So it is good to have it running and up and running better than previously. Was most happy to view Lizzy’s new and estended site. My son Andre is working on documentary which will add to his many talents. Just enjoying blogging that when one doesn’t have the opportunity one misses it and realises the appreciation when the availably of it is taken for some reason. One shall continue to blog. Been watching the Olympics too in my lapse time. Enjoying swimming, diving, soccer and the opening ceremonies.Looking forward to viewing the closing ceremonies as well.

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