Entry for August 22, 2008″ Update Part 3

As one reminisces on the said project, it took merely a week to accomplish in its entirety. This was with careful preparedness on one’s part prior to the operation. The movers were from madcity and did a very competent job and were very congenial in the process. They were two men who first took the both the mattress and boxsprings to the curb. That was done before my putting the dresser in the bathroom so they could have smooth sailing. With that out of the way, then they handled the entertainment center and placed that in the driveway. That was done before my disconnecting all the wires to the tele, dvd player, the radio, and the phone. Then they took the tv out of the entertainment center and placed it gently on the floor. They asked me where I wanted each item beforehand. Then they took my loveset from the living room and place vertically near the window in my room. Then they brought my sofa from the basement and placed it horizontally near the other window. This was done prior to thoroughly cleaning and all the cushions and all of the fabrics of the both items. In the process of the items being transported, they had to take and replace the back, front and bedroom doors b/c the two items were fullsized. And with that out of the way; they put the table legs on the table and put the leaf in the table and put the tv on the table and faced it one way so one could sit comfortably on the loveset and view the tele from that vantage point. Then they placed the computer and monitor on the loveset. There were two glass tables which were under both the computer and monitor and the keyboard was too placed on the loveset along with the mouse. I then took the two glass tables to the driveway. These items in the driveway were given to the St. Vincent De Paul Society. The two movers were working by the hour and it took only an hour in a half plus the driving time. This company is local and very reliable. Then after they left the premises one had to take my dresser and place it back in my bedroom and set it aside my bookcase. Then I called Rick to reconnect my computer and monitor w/ keyboard and mouse and it is now on the table, facing in the opposite direction from the tele. so on may simply blog and view the myriad of sites available to ones access and at ones own leisure.

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