Entry for August 25, 2008 ” Take Time To Travel” Part 1

With the conducive weather upon the one’s who would like to take the time to travel a suggestion comes to mind as one could take the opportunity find a book and journey through the myriad of adventures which are a positive way to spend one’s energy. Just finished a book”The Deadly Piece” by Pete Hamill. It was written with the esperience of espertise. It was mystery and most captivating. At the same period of time one viewed the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and thinking of the way China did everything possible to educate the rest of the world and at the same way edifying themselves. One of many ways this was done was to take the time to learn English so that the Chinese would be able to converse in a sensible clear matter to the countries visiting them for the massive event. China was harmonius to the other countries regardless of their political, ethnic, religious, or any other view. Every country in the world has it inner struggle and no country is perfect in any way. China had the dignity and respect to give the other countries the same as they of course have for themselves. The broadcasters who did the program lineups; typically concentrated on the sports that the Americans were performing and other broadcasters were doing the same indigenous to that particular country. That is naturally human. To critique it, the entirity would have been better handled if the commentators were to comment on the sport of soccer and field hockey and sports that Americans were not in so that the Americans would be educated in other ways. That in reality is never the case however only an implication. In retrospect information is knowledge and knowledge is power. The more this is obtainable the better one has broadmindedness and a much better understanding in the way of empathy.

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