Entry for August 26, 2008″ Take Time To Travel” Part 2

With thought, cooperation, and planning dreams become reality. This has been done numerous times in one’s life; as the end result becomes overwhemingly triumphant. This again one is commensing at this very second; certain family relatives for a get- together. This, one knows it will be achieved. Some months ago, in fact recently I spoke to my brother’s wife Ellen, who is most congenial; about my desire to have Andre, Heather, Christal, Liz, and Mike and Jen and Ryan and of course their prospective mates and to see all of them. Ellen thinks its an escellent idea as I do myself. Andre, my son who lives in Seattle; I haven’t seen him since 2004 and speak to him on a regular basis. Heather who lives in Colorado Springs is my niece. Christal and Liz are my nieces too. Jen and Ryan are my niece and nephew who are Ellen’s and my brother’s daughter and son. Mike is my cousin and his brother Tim, I was in close contact. One would think this venture would be very nice, fun, and leisurely without a bit a tension. Have been wanting to take time to travel, yet wanted it to be meaningful and productive and one is convinced that this will come about in due course. And also knowing that all the above mentioned have espressed their willingness to see me individually so one thinks it would be wonderful to see everyone there and being that all will be in the general area. Have been in contact with all the above and thought this would be a great opportunity for all to see one another and chat endlessly about their life in a way that is not obligatory. Looking forward to the adventure so one may laugh and joke and have a superlative time. As one knows that one needs this in their life and it may be said too that one deserves this too. As one was blogging I received an email from Heather, my sister Anne’s daughter. One may say the laughter is the best medicine. One may also say that the more one laughs that it releases inner stress and one is apt to have a longer and a more content life.

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