Entry for August 28, 2008 ” Books Verses Movies”

The controversy of a book that is made into a movie or vis-versa is in the end copacetic. One may ponder the correlation. I, for one have the preferentialism to read only the book. For the movie usually will miss something. In some cases it’s over dramatised. One has read some very realistic visual documentaries on historial events. There is a very minute difference between them both and one doesn’t like to have actual visual pictures in one’s mind for it may linger far longer and may effect one in an emotional way. One tends to have favourite authors who have the power of writing in a most unique way. One of many come to mind, Sabastian Junger. He has written three powerful books and one was made into a movie and it actually lost the content and failed to capture the theme. One tends to read non-fiction most of the time and that is where one obtains their knowledge with an entertaining prospect. In some cases too, movies seem to glorify the events and tend to add or subtract from the content. One comes to mind, Dr. Zhivago. Read the book later before viewing the movie and in that case the movie was far better. The book detailed much of the Russian history. The book Black Hawk Down was wonderfully scripted and very graphic and one didn’t need to see the movie. This surely is a lighter topic than the ones captioned previously. That is fine for one doesn’t need to be intense. It is good for one’s composition once in a while to have a balance to one’s inner soul so that one may have a better way of viewing the world and the image one has is best of all as a culmination of this orifice.

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