Entry for August 29, 2008 ” A Couple Of Notes”Part 1

Aside from the daily commentary a couple of notes that are indeed newsworthy and surely have merit. Both were mentioned in two separate programs which are merely unrelated, and found accidentally while thumbing through the rubbish that is on the tele at a usual hour. One programme focused on a women’s prison in Mexico. This prison contained women whose crime was drug smuggling and they had to face lengthy sentences. That is really not the focus of which one wants to dwell; for that is the norm. This prison is the home of their offsprings. That is correct. The children who are born to these inmates and are allowed to live there in the prison up to the age of six years of age. Where do these poor unfortunates go after they reach the designated age? Are the shipped off to an orphanage provided by an org. that is indelible of their faith. The day to day life of these children must become in the long run very shameful for these many innocent beings. To fall asleep at night and wake up to another morning and have bars and locks on the windows; this is not just but it is reality. Surely these children have to feel some inner emotional pain as a result of their meek surroundings. These children are treated with the utmost of care in a physical way to make their life as cheerful as normal. Given enough to eat, given enough attention to their basic needs, and given enteraction with the other children in the way of daily activities when provided. The programme was aired with the conjugation of the bbc. This mentioned that in the uk., children are taken from the prison at a year and a half; in sweden they are taken from the prison after being born. Each country has their own laws to deal with this unspeakable issue.

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