Entry for August 30, 2008″ A Couple Of Notes” Part 2

Not really interested in the local news for it doesn’t strike ones fancy. Yet from time to time there is a reservation to the rule. One is more intrigued with the happenings that is in occurrence nationally and internationally. For that one feels has a direct link to what is happening locally as well. A news segment was on the tele about the state budget and the irregularities. The governour of this state borrowed a large amount of money from the state budget which is in the red; not once but a second time. This was allocated to the patience medical fund supposedly for low income persons to pay for their medical needs. At this moment this is waiting for a judge’s ruling on the legality. In one’s opinion one should think that it is an abomination; for the reason that this action will drive up costs for patients and doctors, specialists and will drive up their malpractice insurance considerably. This could be to a point of not being able to afford the insurance and would have to resort in selling their practice to another doctor. This wouldn’t be the first time it would have been done for the mal-practice insurance would be so astonomical that it would end up being unaffordable. This is a liberal state and it is moreso in many ways and it can be too liberal if one wants to debate it if one is so inclined to do so. If there is an equality to all, than why is it required to give special privileges to persons who haven’t earned it? Is it again giving them a hand-out instead of a hand-up? Will these people benefit from this action? There are many persons who go to the doctor; specialist yearly and have had not a penny for medical insurance too. The cost partially is provided by medicare and partially it is out of pocket. One is encouraged that the judge will eventually rule against this action. These officials who are in office are there politically and not on their merit. The same are voted into office and in some cases have no business being there. One is encouraged too that the district attorney could bring criminal charges against this governour and he would have to resign instead of facing impeachment proceedings against him. It surely wouldn’t be the first time that a state has faced a crisis. Or is he in collusion? The governour should be for the betterment of all and not for a few in a state.

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