Entry for August 31, 2008″ A Couple Of Notes” Part 3

As one contemplates how one actually does have a choice of their own destiny, that is up for debate. Yet unfortunately this concept doesn’t work when one is a child. For children don’t make decisions when it comes to moving the whole family. It is the responsibility of parents. Sadly some parents aren’t capable of that for their own inner issues. One was astounded to hear the news within in janesville, wi., of the homeless children that are in the school system. This news report was very vague. However it mentioned that over eighty thousand children are in the same predicament within the whole state. That is an horrific figure. Naturally questions come from the listeners. Is this an actual figure or esaggerated? Where do these children go when school isn’t in session? What are the approsimate ages ages of them? Do they go to shelters or orphanages? Are they latch-key children? At what age does the state consider a legal age? Are they emancipated? Why hasn’t this come to light, and why has it taken so long to be noticed? These questions have to be considered before addressing this quandary. One wonders if this contributes to underage drinking and the many other issues facing this state. One shouldn’t put a bandaid on it or ignore it as it is unspeakable. One should remember that this is the twenty first century and how atrocious this is; it is not wise to ignore it, for it won’t go away; it will only get larger. By addressing this one only has the desire to make the state better and never have a sense of apathy. The social issues within a state varies in diversity and in enormity. All the rhetoric is in retrospect. Words and actions does the magic which get events achieved. One should teach by esample.

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