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Entry for September 20, 2008″ Compensated”

September 20, 2008

It would stand to reason that after at least six additional years of matriculation that one would benefit by being compensated that would be the equivalency. Yet unfortunately this isn’t the case. These prosecutors handle a myriad of cases in a day’s time. These professionals are adequately paid. In this state it is 47k. Prosecutors must have to go outside the county to acquire cases b/c so many of these professional have ceased toiling in this county. Therefore the ones left must toil 17 out of 24 hours in a day; this includes bringing briefs home to study. The cases are a mindblogging amount and there isn’t enough hours in the day, as one day goes right in another. Therefore a mistake that is made could be irreversible. There are many plea bargains as a result of the lawyers working hours over, above and beyond their limit. This in a normalcy does happen, yet not to this extent. When a crime is in commission, that case is heard long after that, sometimes a year or longer b/c of the lawyer’s caseload. One would ponder that defence attorneys aren’t exempt, aside from p.d. which are paid by the state. Perhaps that is the problem, this state should decrease the number of p.d. so the state would have assets in equality. One would state that it isn’t just and these professionals are dwindling. One wouldn’t think that this isn’t a poor state ill-equipped to handle their citizenry in a monetary fashion. There should be a merit system, or is there? This is a reflection of the juvenile delinquents, the petty crimes, the larcenies, burglaries, robberies, and violents crimes. These individuals who perpetrate their time in these persuits should be therefore tried in the courts and judged by a member of their peers. One wouldn’t ponder that these professionals have unions like others in associations and orgs.,when grievances are there. Don’t these litigants deserve more for their tireless devotion to the honest law abiding residents of this state? That is an unequivocal yes.

Entry for September 19, 2008″ Division”

September 19, 2008

Simply speaking this isn’t a reference to the street division of the same name; yet it is in one aspect, for when one is on that street or crosses it one finds it very different as one visits. Apparently crime runs rampant along with living conditions aren’t up to par as well as other miens. Of course this is on an individual basis. One may ponder that after the civil rights act was ordained it would seem to be easier for the country to come together in the matter of race. Was there affirmative action withdrawn? Or it is still there only in a mild form? In some states, or all states ( it just isn’t as readily viewed) blacks and whites are co-habit. Is that common sense? And if these two races intermarry is it commonplace to see the offspring as ok? Or does it matter how many engage in this practice; is it still ok? To these questions 1) no 2) no 3) no an unalterable no. Life is hard enough why put man made obstacles in the way; even though one sees this depicted in a glamous way for whatever reason in the media. It really isn’t all what its cracked up to be, it is far different. One must have the courage and common sense to stand up to these social injustices. For if one will stand up and be recognised more will follow and tell others that this action makes not a bit of common sense. Ones that think this way call themselves liberal. There is liberal and conservative and there is a sense of being too liberal which this is; or being too conservative. Why not be in the happy medium? This doesn’t have anything to do with what one thinks politically. One should have the presence of mind to draw the line somewhere and to act on their convictions. In the end one has to only answer to oneself.

Entry for September 15, 2008″ Aspirations”

September 15, 2008

Again on this dismal morning, one took a stroll around the bay and saw a flock of birds flying in the air in formation.There were white seaguls as well flying over the bay along with several ducks sitting on the grass. The nature is lovely here. Now as one peers out the window, the sun brightly appears. The nearly states had the remnants of the recent hurricane. This month seems longer than the rest for it has so many things occur in only one month that sometimes it seems overwhelming. As precious souls past from this earth one is left with aspirations to hold on to, yet not now or ever in a physical way again yet to adhere when things become rough. As a result these desires become more prominent. Yet one will strive to have the qualities of those people who are most beloved. If one is close to a person, such as marriage, or a family member; this is depending on the closeness and the circumstances, the one that is left attributes as well as aspires those qualities only in a more vivid degree. One had the sense for laughter and joking. Another had the sense for empathy. Admiration was the key to all. For if one admires another then that person will want to strive. When one was down for some reason, my sweet lovable late cousin Tim would have the right words to say for cheerfulness. When one would ask for advice on a certain subject Tim would evidently have again the right words or suggest some solutions. Tim was always there when one needed him or just wanted to chat. Needless to say one thinks of him occasionally and misses his constant guideness in a way that is unimaginable. Tim always offered encouragement and well wishes and also had a wonderment when things were going well for me.He always had a sense of adventure to persue one’s dreams. And therefore encouraged me to do the same on one occasion. With regret one didn’t know one’s sister as well as one wanted; yet the love was still there.

Entry for September 14, 2008″ Brainstorming”

September 14, 2008

On this grey rainy morning, one is consignate of the fact that half the month is over. With several conversations in the interim, one specifically is most noticable which precipitates brainstorming. My son Andre has written a book. Previously he had written a couple of manuscripts one entitled ‘ Squatters’ and it was so intriguing to read and seemed so realistic that to this every day one could recall the characters that imbodied the play and yet these were never real in the first place. That is the power of Andre’s talent. With daily responsibilites Andre isn’t able to devote any or enough amount of time to complete his endeavor. As one has brainstormed with this concern, question upon question mount up about this. One has read both scripts several years ago. Could a newspaper pick the one mentioned and used it in a human interest story and use it in segments. Then the populace would have the recognition of my son’s wonderful talent. With the monumental foreclosers of one person’s home after another; this manuscript is most appropriate. Squatters surely brings home the uncertainty of human life when it is uprooted. This is again timely when it comes to missing children and their survival. There is another manuscript that Andre has carefully written which the title sounds very negative on the surface. Can’t recall it now. However this isn’t any sort of negativity in this as it is most positive. My friend Carol had the opportunity to read it several years ago with my encouragement and she found it most entertaining and professional. Perhaps if a newspaper could print it for their readers it could in syndicated. Andre himself is reading my blogs when he has the time and he will view this one and with my suggestion he will act upon this. One recalls many years ago in my other son’s class the teacher would give each student a small box of different size buttons and the students would have to come up with ideas in which the use of these buttons would be utilized. The discouvery was outstanding. One is so fortunate to have two gifted sons.

Entry for September 11, 2008″ Reflections”

September 11, 2008

Nothing on this day seven years ago is comparable to how all americans felt at the massive calamity unfolded that is evermore vivid to one’s eyes and is indelible in one’s memory. Reflections today, years to come and forever should be made so we as a country never forget. The aftereffects of this is here today as many come to their demise. It will be told and retold in history books that are given to the children in this country and translated in a myriad of languages to the rest of the world. One does hope in that process the translation is verbatim that nothing is left out and nothing is added. This country was so innocent then yet one should have been aware then, yet how? Jimmy Breslin wrote a poignant book shortly after the tragedy called ‘American Lives’. It brought the reality of the scope with pictures of the more than three thousand human beings and their names, and brief captions accompanied by the photos. This acts were perpetrated by evil. The moslems that are in many countries, in this country as well denounced it wholeheartedly as did the americans. On that day this country came together once again and showed their true humanity. Many on that day have long lasting scars which along with the physical, show emotional, psychological as well. This may affect those of them to have a good healthy relationship with another human being. This may affect those with a forms of mental disorders in years to come. One should never be apathetic when it comes to community, state, country and should always show appreciation for these. As for ourselves one should never take another for granted. One should show kindness to others regardless. Then in that way it will eventually be a better world.

Entry for September 10, 2008″ Technology”

September 10, 2008

In the computer, digital age technology is racing to the forefront thusfar. Already in the showrooms are the hybrid cars designed to be environmentally conscious; and the microscopic computers already in many cars now.Also there are devises in cars that will prevent a person from starting the machine who has been convicted of dwi. These persons must blow into a mechanism that is attached to the steering wheel and just adjacent to the floorboard. Let’s take this premise a step further and beyond. Have the car manufacturers design a car that is unable to start when anyone who is underage, fifteen and under, whose who have suspended licenses,under the influence of alcohol; even if they are buzzed, taking prescriptions drugs; those who have been diagnosed with any type of mental disorder, those who have been diagnosed w/sleeping disorders and taking prescription medicines to combat it and those who make the dire mistakes in combining drugs, pot and alcohol. This will greatly reduce the deaths on the nation’s highways, turnpikes, main thoroughfares, and streets as well as driveways and parking lots. The injures that are sometimes catastrophic could be alleviated. Those who don’t have any automobile license should be also put in this category; for if that person is w/out one, they will get in back of a wheel regardless. Have a slot to insert one’s ident card in the place near the glove compartment. In states that are moreso indigenous than others to the enigma. This breakthrough will hopefully be a solution and not part of a lasting problem.

Entry for September 09, 2008″ A Theory”

September 9, 2008

A theory and a supposition could commense with a debate on a college campus. It is well known that universities shake up society in their rhetoric. It can be a liberal, conservative or ivy league institution in any geographical state. A handful of students whose specialty is law, along with a hospital official who is in charge of the neo-natal unit, could be a spokesman for a gathering. These professionals and soon to be professionals could speak in eloquent terms. The topic would be to enact legislation later it would become law. Have this law enforced. Have the right to life org. be an advocate too. This would entail any person regardless of age, gender, an addict or not, being criminally responsible if a fetus is inside the womb. The father who impregnated the girl is equally at fault. If a person is drinking alcohol and smoking pot each or both escessively and a fetus is shown within the womb; and these pieces of garbage continue their life style; they are committing a crime. If a party is unsupervised and alcohol and pot are there or for that matter cigarettes are inhaled; then the person involved along with the parents are accessories to this crime. There have been countless children born in the past six decades and continue to be born in the twenty first century with one or more birth defects as a result of this trend.At each legislature the neo-natal professional would show pictures of children who have birth defects as a result of this neglect. If this law is enforced that it would slow down or hopefully erraticate this completely and then the medicine can concentrate on other aspects of health.These spokespeople could go to their own legislature and have that become law and then this tendency would mushroom into something phenomenal as more and more states get on the bandwagon for a worthy cause.

Entry for September 08, 2008″ Appearances”

September 8, 2008

In the american society appearances matter as the so-called beauty and diet mags come falling off the shelves of the nearby stores. One should recollect that beauty is only skin deep; and therefore appearances are altered and shaded in darker or lighter tones in pictures. It is one’s angle that certainly appearances are important. For that is true in tele ads, as the media tends to show children that are missing or for what the reason, generally people want to see someone who is pleasing to the eyes as to not. Let’s not deminish the fact that the conduct has much more efficient than the genre cares to admit. It is more beneficial to have a demure quality and it brings a mysterious style too. One is apt to keep in mind that mirrors may for some reason be distorted and somewhat imperfect. Yet one may glance into a person’s eyes and see the window of their soul and that in itself is always undeviating. It is typical of society to portray individuals in the public eye as someone they aren’t. And it is moreso that preteens, adolescence and young adults don’t have the guidance of parents, teachers and mentors. Or is it a combination of each that leads to the debacle? It is due to peer power and cliques and these persons lack self image accountable to their age. One wonders if this trend will forever be the status quo or in the years to come gradually change. It won’t as long as the attention is paid to it. And again it is the ageless story of supply and demand. It is more attractive to have the actuality of a person’s thoughts and what they generally think of the events around them and to have a great conversation with them that shows their true personality. If one would focus on the character of the person it would be surprising what they would find. For they would be in awe.

Entry for September 07, 2008″ Expletives”

September 7, 2008

To use expletives at certain times when frustrations and anger is at its peek is appropriate in one’s conviction. It is better than having it bottled up, or lashing out at something or worse yet at someone. The analogy of this occurs when the population regardless of race, class, or culture brings the utterence and it becomes so redundant that it is apprehensible. The lower class of the consensus has culpability moreso than others. One comes to the conclusion that this one recognises the fact that the more profanities that are spoken the less education that person has. In this class it can recur with every other word that is uttered. Little of this lower class wants to even know the meaning of the abbreviation of a word f**k. It is for uncarnal knowledge. So just maybe if that bit of info. is known it will certainly used much less often. On the same line of thinking why is the female gender used redundantly in reference? It is motherf***er. This is so demeaning, disrespectful, diabolical and unconscionable. Why is our creator used in anger,such a ***dam, or it being initaled. That is so very morally wrong. Some New Yorkers used the words holy smoke. Instead of saying someone is full of **** New Yorkers say that someone is full of baloney or malarkey. These words that are used as a derivative and sound with much more dignity as well as more intellectual. This isn’t saying that New Yorkers have any more or less energy or smarter than the rest of the genre. Perhaps New Yorkers can channel their anger in a far more constructive way. Of course one is speaking in a collective tone and not individually. Some of us have a handle and others aren’t in control. This is most unfortunate and should be dealt with appropriately and with immediate concern for the welfare of the said individual. As negativity is contagious the opposite is as well.

Entry for September 06, 2008″ Observations”

September 6, 2008

One is constantly making observations and observating all that is around us and at the same time keeping one’s opinions to oneself unless if for some reason it matters, and if one is directly in the line of fire. By quietly just pondering thoughts and not relieving them to anyone who matters b/c those persons are not really interested in that b/c of their diversity of thoughts and they are on a different wave length. They seem not capable of understanding and are unable to grasp the point so why try with them. Then when one finally is engaged in an intriguing conversation it is really worth the wait. Generally people seem not to be interested in national, international events for they seem to be narrow-minded. Those people fail to take into consideration that what occurs on a national and international scope does in fact concern their own small world if they don’t want to realise it. For instance as one is now blogging the segment, a tropical storm is battering the Carolinias and will continue to do havoc further on the East Coast. The price for oil and petrol will skyrocket, it will have a ripple effect in the price of food at the supermarket. And moreover there is another storm, a hurricane that is schedule to make landfall early in the following week. To be specific it should make its presence known again in Fla. and the Gulf Coast. Still taking long walks while at the same time making careful notice to the scenic surroundings as well. One seems to have the knack to view the unique quality of observating the items that is rare to oneself. One wouldn’t like to change that in any form and for any reason. In the recent holiday weekend one viewed the diversity of license plates on cars in variance. Thought then the names of the states, the types of cars and what kind of of persons owned them, what gender, etc. One could view generally as to what kind of life, what type were they politically, their type of work they did and perhaps this wasn’t the case at all. However it is good to view these things; for what one thinks can’t be censored or altered in any way at all.