Entry for September 04, 2008″ Taking Responsibility”

One may never have the realisation of taking responsibilty of any form; for doing so must commense with themselves in order for one to undertake the accountability for another.This solvency, depending on one’s temperment could have a thumbs up or down. For some people the more the better, for they have the knack of multi-taskings; and doing each item in a thoroughly matter.Yet for others they tend, of an unknown reason to cave under it and want none of it. A good way to handle it is to start with just a minute of it when one is young and then carry on from there. Another way along with it may promote modivation with small surprises to make the task easier in the beginning. Then when the person has a handle on it and grows older then that is the time to take the surprises away for that person has the ability to modivate themselves. In most cases t.r. is inherited and in some cases it isn’t. Some people may intellectually know that t.r. for themselves has merit. They too may have the opportunity of having a mentor in their lives who teach by esample. Or people for their own reason want to make a difference and will be a role model to others want to change for the better. It is rare in those cases. It is more difficult to go against the norm for there is a great deal of criticism to deal with; and this may come within the family itself. In taking responsibility comes self worth and self reliance and will build a character of the individual, by the same token create that very person for survival and while they are in the midst of this, will make it compliant if it is done repeatedly.

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