Entry for September 05, 2008″ Freedom”

Freedom should never be taken for granted. It is one’s constitutional right and with that brings respect as well as privilege and with that comes responsibility. So freedom equals the three r’s; right, respect and responsibility. Both in Denver and in St. Paul while inside delegates were quietly taking rollcalls from the all the states and territories; intellectual and eloquent speeches were given from keynote speakers, and vp and presidental nominees were given their acceptance speeches with their audiences carefully listening to each word and then pondering their thoughts. Outside there was utter cacophony with confusion. At each convention the media was involved in a way that was unprecedented; with a news reporter w/ videographre arrested at the first convention with several protesters. This was moreso done at the second convention w/ several more protesters arrested for minor offences. In both cities the police officials weren’t taken any chances and seemed in their attire to be over the top w/ riot geer, helmets and teargas in store to use if provoked. It was used repeatedly at the demonstration. This was a peaceful demonstration on the demonstators part. It was characteristically of the police to behave in such a matter. One knows that when there are demonstations for this or that cause there are outside protesters that are brought in from another state to cause a rumble. This didn’t happen and there wasn’t any reason for the police to react in such an unprofessional matter. If one wants to change for the better the status quo; one should by all means have your voice heard, right the wrongs and conduct oneself in a manner worth of dignity. It isn’t just to have that dignity taken away. In a mass arrest were their merander rights read individually or collectively? One may doubt that. One should never suffer in silence. Therefore speak up, stand up for one’s credence.

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