Entry for September 06, 2008″ Observations”

One is constantly making observations and observating all that is around us and at the same time keeping one’s opinions to oneself unless if for some reason it matters, and if one is directly in the line of fire. By quietly just pondering thoughts and not relieving them to anyone who matters b/c those persons are not really interested in that b/c of their diversity of thoughts and they are on a different wave length. They seem not capable of understanding and are unable to grasp the point so why try with them. Then when one finally is engaged in an intriguing conversation it is really worth the wait. Generally people seem not to be interested in national, international events for they seem to be narrow-minded. Those people fail to take into consideration that what occurs on a national and international scope does in fact concern their own small world if they don’t want to realise it. For instance as one is now blogging the segment, a tropical storm is battering the Carolinias and will continue to do havoc further on the East Coast. The price for oil and petrol will skyrocket, it will have a ripple effect in the price of food at the supermarket. And moreover there is another storm, a hurricane that is schedule to make landfall early in the following week. To be specific it should make its presence known again in Fla. and the Gulf Coast. Still taking long walks while at the same time making careful notice to the scenic surroundings as well. One seems to have the knack to view the unique quality of observating the items that is rare to oneself. One wouldn’t like to change that in any form and for any reason. In the recent holiday weekend one viewed the diversity of license plates on cars in variance. Thought then the names of the states, the types of cars and what kind of of persons owned them, what gender, etc. One could view generally as to what kind of life, what type were they politically, their type of work they did and perhaps this wasn’t the case at all. However it is good to view these things; for what one thinks can’t be censored or altered in any way at all.

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