Entry for September 07, 2008″ Expletives”

To use expletives at certain times when frustrations and anger is at its peek is appropriate in one’s conviction. It is better than having it bottled up, or lashing out at something or worse yet at someone. The analogy of this occurs when the population regardless of race, class, or culture brings the utterence and it becomes so redundant that it is apprehensible. The lower class of the consensus has culpability moreso than others. One comes to the conclusion that this one recognises the fact that the more profanities that are spoken the less education that person has. In this class it can recur with every other word that is uttered. Little of this lower class wants to even know the meaning of the abbreviation of a word f**k. It is for uncarnal knowledge. So just maybe if that bit of info. is known it will certainly used much less often. On the same line of thinking why is the female gender used redundantly in reference? It is motherf***er. This is so demeaning, disrespectful, diabolical and unconscionable. Why is our creator used in anger,such a ***dam, or it being initaled. That is so very morally wrong. Some New Yorkers used the words holy smoke. Instead of saying someone is full of **** New Yorkers say that someone is full of baloney or malarkey. These words that are used as a derivative and sound with much more dignity as well as more intellectual. This isn’t saying that New Yorkers have any more or less energy or smarter than the rest of the genre. Perhaps New Yorkers can channel their anger in a far more constructive way. Of course one is speaking in a collective tone and not individually. Some of us have a handle and others aren’t in control. This is most unfortunate and should be dealt with appropriately and with immediate concern for the welfare of the said individual. As negativity is contagious the opposite is as well.

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