Entry for September 08, 2008″ Appearances”

In the american society appearances matter as the so-called beauty and diet mags come falling off the shelves of the nearby stores. One should recollect that beauty is only skin deep; and therefore appearances are altered and shaded in darker or lighter tones in pictures. It is one’s angle that certainly appearances are important. For that is true in tele ads, as the media tends to show children that are missing or for what the reason, generally people want to see someone who is pleasing to the eyes as to not. Let’s not deminish the fact that the conduct has much more efficient than the genre cares to admit. It is more beneficial to have a demure quality and it brings a mysterious style too. One is apt to keep in mind that mirrors may for some reason be distorted and somewhat imperfect. Yet one may glance into a person’s eyes and see the window of their soul and that in itself is always undeviating. It is typical of society to portray individuals in the public eye as someone they aren’t. And it is moreso that preteens, adolescence and young adults don’t have the guidance of parents, teachers and mentors. Or is it a combination of each that leads to the debacle? It is due to peer power and cliques and these persons lack self image accountable to their age. One wonders if this trend will forever be the status quo or in the years to come gradually change. It won’t as long as the attention is paid to it. And again it is the ageless story of supply and demand. It is more attractive to have the actuality of a person’s thoughts and what they generally think of the events around them and to have a great conversation with them that shows their true personality. If one would focus on the character of the person it would be surprising what they would find. For they would be in awe.

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