Entry for September 09, 2008″ A Theory”

A theory and a supposition could commense with a debate on a college campus. It is well known that universities shake up society in their rhetoric. It can be a liberal, conservative or ivy league institution in any geographical state. A handful of students whose specialty is law, along with a hospital official who is in charge of the neo-natal unit, could be a spokesman for a gathering. These professionals and soon to be professionals could speak in eloquent terms. The topic would be to enact legislation later it would become law. Have this law enforced. Have the right to life org. be an advocate too. This would entail any person regardless of age, gender, an addict or not, being criminally responsible if a fetus is inside the womb. The father who impregnated the girl is equally at fault. If a person is drinking alcohol and smoking pot each or both escessively and a fetus is shown within the womb; and these pieces of garbage continue their life style; they are committing a crime. If a party is unsupervised and alcohol and pot are there or for that matter cigarettes are inhaled; then the person involved along with the parents are accessories to this crime. There have been countless children born in the past six decades and continue to be born in the twenty first century with one or more birth defects as a result of this trend.At each legislature the neo-natal professional would show pictures of children who have birth defects as a result of this neglect. If this law is enforced that it would slow down or hopefully erraticate this completely and then the medicine can concentrate on other aspects of health.These spokespeople could go to their own legislature and have that become law and then this tendency would mushroom into something phenomenal as more and more states get on the bandwagon for a worthy cause.

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