Entry for September 10, 2008″ Technology”

In the computer, digital age technology is racing to the forefront thusfar. Already in the showrooms are the hybrid cars designed to be environmentally conscious; and the microscopic computers already in many cars now.Also there are devises in cars that will prevent a person from starting the machine who has been convicted of dwi. These persons must blow into a mechanism that is attached to the steering wheel and just adjacent to the floorboard. Let’s take this premise a step further and beyond. Have the car manufacturers design a car that is unable to start when anyone who is underage, fifteen and under, whose who have suspended licenses,under the influence of alcohol; even if they are buzzed, taking prescriptions drugs; those who have been diagnosed with any type of mental disorder, those who have been diagnosed w/sleeping disorders and taking prescription medicines to combat it and those who make the dire mistakes in combining drugs, pot and alcohol. This will greatly reduce the deaths on the nation’s highways, turnpikes, main thoroughfares, and streets as well as driveways and parking lots. The injures that are sometimes catastrophic could be alleviated. Those who don’t have any automobile license should be also put in this category; for if that person is w/out one, they will get in back of a wheel regardless. Have a slot to insert one’s ident card in the place near the glove compartment. In states that are moreso indigenous than others to the enigma. This breakthrough will hopefully be a solution and not part of a lasting problem.

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