Entry for September 11, 2008″ Reflections”

Nothing on this day seven years ago is comparable to how all americans felt at the massive calamity unfolded that is evermore vivid to one’s eyes and is indelible in one’s memory. Reflections today, years to come and forever should be made so we as a country never forget. The aftereffects of this is here today as many come to their demise. It will be told and retold in history books that are given to the children in this country and translated in a myriad of languages to the rest of the world. One does hope in that process the translation is verbatim that nothing is left out and nothing is added. This country was so innocent then yet one should have been aware then, yet how? Jimmy Breslin wrote a poignant book shortly after the tragedy called ‘American Lives’. It brought the reality of the scope with pictures of the more than three thousand human beings and their names, and brief captions accompanied by the photos. This acts were perpetrated by evil. The moslems that are in many countries, in this country as well denounced it wholeheartedly as did the americans. On that day this country came together once again and showed their true humanity. Many on that day have long lasting scars which along with the physical, show emotional, psychological as well. This may affect those of them to have a good healthy relationship with another human being. This may affect those with a forms of mental disorders in years to come. One should never be apathetic when it comes to community, state, country and should always show appreciation for these. As for ourselves one should never take another for granted. One should show kindness to others regardless. Then in that way it will eventually be a better world.

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