Entry for September 14, 2008″ Brainstorming”

On this grey rainy morning, one is consignate of the fact that half the month is over. With several conversations in the interim, one specifically is most noticable which precipitates brainstorming. My son Andre has written a book. Previously he had written a couple of manuscripts one entitled ‘ Squatters’ and it was so intriguing to read and seemed so realistic that to this every day one could recall the characters that imbodied the play and yet these were never real in the first place. That is the power of Andre’s talent. With daily responsibilites Andre isn’t able to devote any or enough amount of time to complete his endeavor. As one has brainstormed with this concern, question upon question mount up about this. One has read both scripts several years ago. Could a newspaper pick the one mentioned and used it in a human interest story and use it in segments. Then the populace would have the recognition of my son’s wonderful talent. With the monumental foreclosers of one person’s home after another; this manuscript is most appropriate. Squatters surely brings home the uncertainty of human life when it is uprooted. This is again timely when it comes to missing children and their survival. There is another manuscript that Andre has carefully written which the title sounds very negative on the surface. Can’t recall it now. However this isn’t any sort of negativity in this as it is most positive. My friend Carol had the opportunity to read it several years ago with my encouragement and she found it most entertaining and professional. Perhaps if a newspaper could print it for their readers it could in syndicated. Andre himself is reading my blogs when he has the time and he will view this one and with my suggestion he will act upon this. One recalls many years ago in my other son’s class the teacher would give each student a small box of different size buttons and the students would have to come up with ideas in which the use of these buttons would be utilized. The discouvery was outstanding. One is so fortunate to have two gifted sons.

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