Entry for September 15, 2008″ Aspirations”

Again on this dismal morning, one took a stroll around the bay and saw a flock of birds flying in the air in formation.There were white seaguls as well flying over the bay along with several ducks sitting on the grass. The nature is lovely here. Now as one peers out the window, the sun brightly appears. The nearly states had the remnants of the recent hurricane. This month seems longer than the rest for it has so many things occur in only one month that sometimes it seems overwhelming. As precious souls past from this earth one is left with aspirations to hold on to, yet not now or ever in a physical way again yet to adhere when things become rough. As a result these desires become more prominent. Yet one will strive to have the qualities of those people who are most beloved. If one is close to a person, such as marriage, or a family member; this is depending on the closeness and the circumstances, the one that is left attributes as well as aspires those qualities only in a more vivid degree. One had the sense for laughter and joking. Another had the sense for empathy. Admiration was the key to all. For if one admires another then that person will want to strive. When one was down for some reason, my sweet lovable late cousin Tim would have the right words to say for cheerfulness. When one would ask for advice on a certain subject Tim would evidently have again the right words or suggest some solutions. Tim was always there when one needed him or just wanted to chat. Needless to say one thinks of him occasionally and misses his constant guideness in a way that is unimaginable. Tim always offered encouragement and well wishes and also had a wonderment when things were going well for me.He always had a sense of adventure to persue one’s dreams. And therefore encouraged me to do the same on one occasion. With regret one didn’t know one’s sister as well as one wanted; yet the love was still there.

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