Entry for September 19, 2008″ Division”

Simply speaking this isn’t a reference to the street division of the same name; yet it is in one aspect, for when one is on that street or crosses it one finds it very different as one visits. Apparently crime runs rampant along with living conditions aren’t up to par as well as other miens. Of course this is on an individual basis. One may ponder that after the civil rights act was ordained it would seem to be easier for the country to come together in the matter of race. Was there affirmative action withdrawn? Or it is still there only in a mild form? In some states, or all states ( it just isn’t as readily viewed) blacks and whites are co-habit. Is that common sense? And if these two races intermarry is it commonplace to see the offspring as ok? Or does it matter how many engage in this practice; is it still ok? To these questions 1) no 2) no 3) no an unalterable no. Life is hard enough why put man made obstacles in the way; even though one sees this depicted in a glamous way for whatever reason in the media. It really isn’t all what its cracked up to be, it is far different. One must have the courage and common sense to stand up to these social injustices. For if one will stand up and be recognised more will follow and tell others that this action makes not a bit of common sense. Ones that think this way call themselves liberal. There is liberal and conservative and there is a sense of being too liberal which this is; or being too conservative. Why not be in the happy medium? This doesn’t have anything to do with what one thinks politically. One should have the presence of mind to draw the line somewhere and to act on their convictions. In the end one has to only answer to oneself.

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