Entry for September 20, 2008″ Compensated”

It would stand to reason that after at least six additional years of matriculation that one would benefit by being compensated that would be the equivalency. Yet unfortunately this isn’t the case. These prosecutors handle a myriad of cases in a day’s time. These professionals are adequately paid. In this state it is 47k. Prosecutors must have to go outside the county to acquire cases b/c so many of these professional have ceased toiling in this county. Therefore the ones left must toil 17 out of 24 hours in a day; this includes bringing briefs home to study. The cases are a mindblogging amount and there isn’t enough hours in the day, as one day goes right in another. Therefore a mistake that is made could be irreversible. There are many plea bargains as a result of the lawyers working hours over, above and beyond their limit. This in a normalcy does happen, yet not to this extent. When a crime is in commission, that case is heard long after that, sometimes a year or longer b/c of the lawyer’s caseload. One would ponder that defence attorneys aren’t exempt, aside from p.d. which are paid by the state. Perhaps that is the problem, this state should decrease the number of p.d. so the state would have assets in equality. One would state that it isn’t just and these professionals are dwindling. One wouldn’t think that this isn’t a poor state ill-equipped to handle their citizenry in a monetary fashion. There should be a merit system, or is there? This is a reflection of the juvenile delinquents, the petty crimes, the larcenies, burglaries, robberies, and violents crimes. These individuals who perpetrate their time in these persuits should be therefore tried in the courts and judged by a member of their peers. One wouldn’t ponder that these professionals have unions like others in associations and orgs.,when grievances are there. Don’t these litigants deserve more for their tireless devotion to the honest law abiding residents of this state? That is an unequivocal yes.

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