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Entry for October 25, 2008″ Neighbourhoods”

October 25, 2008

There is an abundance of sun and shade with the autumn leaves falling as a speedboat with a skier attached is on the bay inspite of the windy conditions. It is absolutely amazing to live in the same neighbourhood for one’s most or entire life and to view the ultimate changes that occur within that time. Neighbourhoods in general change in the course of time and repeatedly for the better and worse. However how long it takes to accomplish this process is up for debate. The general process it may take years. People move in and out for various reasons. It would be good to look back and view a house in which one lived in the past and see for oneself the transformation of it. It may have grown larger in the sphere as industries repeatedly develop over time. And the house itself would look decidedly different and what has been added and taken away. It could be painted and repainted several times and look entirely different from the way one remembers the structure. There are in fact those who have lived in their homes for their entire or most of their life and have had a bird’s eye view in the enormous changes of their overall existance. With there immediate family moving away as they themselves grow in age, they are living history. One would like to revisit places in which one has lived; one being 914 Glaizewood Ave. Takoma Pk. Md. My son Ian differs with me and says that is a war zone. However it would be nice to see for oneself. Another place is 6771 Queens Blvd in NYC. When visiting Indpls occasionally over the years one goes to see the homes in which one lived too. The fact of it being mindboggling is always interesting to say the least. In some cases the structures would be unrecognisable. It is like retracing history. And that history is living. What a wonderful event to achieve in their lifetime and better yet to speak to family in detail about their beholdings. What an intangible gift.

Entry for October 24, 2008′ Traveling”

October 24, 2008

On this cloudy rainy autumn day which is filled with wonder when one is pondering the upcoming holidays; traveling is on the minds of each individual, as they carefully plan to venture to see friends and relatives and partake in the feasts and festivities. It is marvelous to treasure now and the forthcoming years.Yet for some this isn’t the case at all. For those who must say so long to friends and family as they with others brave the thought of something they must do and never the thought of something that is pleasant. These unique individuals along with their unit must leave their own country, not sure that they will ever return. These patriotic souls will return to an unfamiliar country, that isn’t their own,not once yet twice or more.In order for them to do this there must be a good amount of sadness. In most cases these soldiers have seen the battlefield once and if it were their choice wouldn’t return to the catastrophic conditions. However there choice isn’t their own. It is a sad fact that at least three thousand brave warriors have suffered mentally and therefore are not equipped to handle the conditions of war. They are unable to sleep and stay up for days. When they do they suffer from nightmares continually.They are prescribed drugs which don’t actually aid the condition itself and in cases make their condition worsened to the fact they are unable to even cope with everyday normal activities. When treated in hospitals the cost is monumental. These nightmares are relatively the same however vary. It is a man with a good amount of his head gone and his brain spilling over as he is shot with an automatic high powered machine as his face has an expression filled with emotions of anger, fright, sadness and bewilderment.These are all combined in one. These soldiers aren’t physically disabled, they are mentally disabled.There are many who have committed suicide as they are taking the meds that are suppose to aid them. It is with sorrow that these soldiers are sent back to Iraq and Afghanistan. With their fate before them and with their young vibrant lives before them. So if by chance when venturing to somewhere joyous one will cast a eye one them; it would be a good jesture to treat them with a smile or even a kind word.

Entry for October 22, 2008′ An Underlining Factor” Part 3

October 22, 2008

What a difference a day makes. The sunny day continues yet seems colder now,however considering the time of year one shouldn’t wonder that. In the course while on the computer one had some necessary updates done and now it seems different, noticing the printing is darker and smaller in a way however one shouldn’t stress over it as long as one gets results. This is a result of having a windows update.Yesterday was my son’s birthday and my niece’s birthday. How wonderful that it falls on the same day and they are a year apart. Now on to the topic at hand; one saw another news report on the cbs programme sixty minutes which was a segment on the other war. It was about the American soldiers in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, which is near the Pakistan border. There is a road which is heavily traveled and apparently the only one and it is paid for by the Americans. One would wonder why that is being done in a war torn nation? These American soldiers are bravely risking their lives on a daily basis. These brave souls are fighting the Taliban where the insurgents have infer red cameras capturing the whereabouts and at the same time taking pictures of these Americans. These soldiers are fully cognisant of them doing this and one may surmise that it is an invasion of privacy. There is advance technology on one hand and the trenchous mountains which there isn’t a way to have any direction and if the soldiers are backtracking or going in the correct direction. The way the average person trecks this mountain must be most difficult at best. There are no levels or peaks. It just seems to be upward or straight down. One wonders do these soldiers have spikes on their boots to grip the terrain and aid them from falling? What about the average Pak; are these Paks trained in a special way to climb the mountain safely? One would ponder that they have caves built within the mountain itself for self preservation.For if not how do they keep from being captured and why are there so many of them? This has to be their life’s plan and work. This war has been going on for six years in Iraq and has averted the fight to Afghanistan. It will take another ten years or more to have a resolution. Why can’t these two countries come to the United Nations with the perspective parties involved and negotiate a settlement? Why won’t the US government agree to this? Why can’t people in the world be treated as human beings regardless of their ideology? One would think that it is logical. The average Iraqi and Afghan want the same for their children and grandchildren as the American what to have. Why not put peacekeepers in the two countries? Then there would be peace in that region of the world. One is reminded that peace is an absence of war and although there would be skirmishes the world would benefit by all concerned.

Entry for October 21, 2008″ An Underlining Factor” Part 2

October 21, 2008

The sun continues to shine brightly despite an overnight frost for the last couple of times. It is surely a lovely season.Yesterday’s blog after editing seemed surprisingly short, yet succinct in comparison to most. Recently one viewed a news programme which was very interesting and informative. It dealt with the overall debacle which is on the minds of all Americans and unfortunately overshadows the American campaign for the President. The ads on the airwaves are inadated with very negative, not at all conducive to the issues that are of importance. These ads are focused mainly on attacks and all one hears is about the economy. Surely there is much more; immigration which not only serves the bordering states, yet should serves the entire nation as a whole; crime which is running rampant for the lack of police officers assigned to keep the peace in an orderly fashion; abuse, whether of the elderly, the young, the women or whoever the abuse touches; gun control and the lack of guns to keep them off the streets, instead there are countless; health care, for each citizen of the nation. Other countries have health care, regardless of the type. America is the only one who refuses to adopt some kind of programme. There is the constant debate as to the type. That is inconsequential. What matters is a yes or no, one has or one hasn’t. It wouldn’t be frugal to keep debating on the type, in the meantime the citizens keep suffering and going bankrupt in the process. At a result of the debacle the American government had to loan the banks to repay their recipients or insurers. This was a total of more than a billion dollars, which the government didn’t have in the first place and for years has been in the red and will be more in the red than ever. The mismanagement of Wall Street, Wamu and Bank of America to name just a few. If the federal government loans money to keep the bank afloot; a question abounds. Is that socialism? Is this country on the path? Or is it a form of it. It will take thirty five years to repay the loan. How many candidates will have to run, and how many will be elected in the course of thirty five years? So what is the point of voting? It is one’s right and privilege. In many countries their citizens aren’t as privileged.

Entry for October 20, 2008″ An Underlining Factor” Part 1

October 20, 2008

As the ending of the month approaches the temps are seasonal as the wind becomes slightly stronger than the previous day, as peaks of sun shine through the cloudy sky and fewer ducks appear on the rolling bay. Education is essential especially when one has finished their formal schooling. Continuous learning is vital in a myriad ways and can be obtained by the pbs stations which are scattered around the country as well as the npr stations. If one would take an half hour out of their daily schedule each day they would be pleasantly surprised. Another way to obtain education is by asking questions about what matters at the time. Absolutely no question is considered stupid, for that is the way a person learns. The internet is a tool that when used correctly it may stimulate the brain waves which provides knowledge. Another way is having a meaningful conversation with friends, family, and acquaintances; and therefore at some point having a debate and sharing the diversified opinions. This is done regardless of the weather and at any month of the year. This could be a key to a better understanding the people around oneself. It could be on any subject available and depending on the ones involved. What a nice way to spend a good part of one’s time and a most positive way too. In some ways it could be intense at times, yet that is the key to debating; and in the end shake hands and smile always remain friends and most of all share the knowledge one is partaking so the ones involved with benefit from the experience.

Entry for October 16, 2008″ Betterment”

October 16, 2008

Being loquacious is a positive aspect in itself, knowing when,where and how much is essential if one is taking part in a colloquy. If something or someone is already good, there is always room for improvement; yet if the same is negative there are questions to be raised as to why. In this particular state there is a quagmire. This pertains to the capital of which one resides at this time. There are many positive things about this city, the nature, the bay and overall scenery. So there should be the betterment for all concerned. Instead there is the state legislative being corrupt with amounts of money being appropriated in things unfairly and in the red. The owi offences being done to an unheard amount of times and is repeatedly ignored by the officers in charge. The blatancy when it comes to cannabis. The fact that it is widespread isn’t the issue, yet it is spoken openly within a conversation without notice. The cannabis that is found in large areas such as fields, farms, parks, and forests should lead to the apprehension of those involved. Instead for an apparent reason it is just mentioned briefly on the daily news. The crime here of several students should be approached in a different matter in the way of solving them instead of dragging their feet. In problem areas there should be beat cops patrolling in two for their own protection as well as the citizenry. The police officers should speak to the guardian angels about how to solve this, and with the cooperation of them both something could come in a progressive orderly proceedure. The neighbour watch isn’t enough. There was a march involved with members of families who had commited suicide. One would make an educated guess that is was better than have the situation ignored altogether. There are all kinds of orgs. dedicated to issues. They go to one meeting after another and never find a solution. It is true that misery loves company.

Entry for October 15, 2008″ Untitled” Continued

October 15, 2008

Life is optimistic although the rainy, chilly day is here. Diversity is the key to the generality of all that exists on earth. To have the same day in and day out would lead to a very mundane time. One also feels that health is most important and has a bearing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual character and is interwined as well and interchanged. So therefore fears and frustrations are a part of everyday life. So when one hears that someone who one knows or knew has died; the natural feeling is sorrow for both. The one who has died and the one who has been left. The circumstances may differ yet the result is the same. There is a fallacy which states that’ death is a part of life’. It is a finality and therefore hasn’t any part of what is known as vitality or the breath of life’s blood. One may sustain and be stronger as a result of knowing certain people who have succumbed. The way a person dies is prevalent to the circumstances as to age and so forth and makes somewhat of a difference in the grief process. After blogging recently on a segment of the story I then googled that person and found out that he had died. He was a priest that I went to Canada twice and Europe and then I called the church to clarify my findings and sure enough he had died in March of 2004. I thought of what I was doing then and where I was. Yes I was sad, for as long as I knew him and the way our life came together; yet I still thought if he had any family or close friends who were a part of him. One fear I have to mention is that when I was six years of age I came home after throwing my lunch away b/c the thurmus which had milk wasn’t tighten and my lunch became soggy. So I decided to walk home from school and in the process I was caught in one of the islands on Queens Blvd. with cars going in either directions. A policeman rescued me and brought me home safely. When I saw my mother she was very upset and I was punished for it. That experience was instilled in me for a long time a fear of crossing streets. Both my mother and myself were wrong. Yet she could have handled it differently. My fear has deminished to some degree and I have overcome the fear of it, yet I still think about it.

Entry for October 14, 2008″ Untitled”

October 14, 2008

Weatherwise it is decidedly cooler than the previous days. It was surely unprecentedly warmer these former days. It is the middle of the month thusfar, as it is flying by as one day is going into another. The topic untitled comes from a Keane song which is the name of it and the song itself is very sad and is about death. Every person imaginable has fears and frustrations. Fears of something which is in the inner soul. However the difference is that it doesn’t and won’t take control over their lives. Many persons will never admit to any of the fears in their daily life. And frustrations come with daily life, and the difference in that it shouldn’t overcome them in everyday activities. Fears for the most part come in an individual way and sometimes has nothing to do with what is happening nationally or internationally. Yet in some aspect it can exacerbate it. People have many fears such as heights, flying, being closed in very small places, and many others things. The key to it is how the person handles it. That is important in overcoming or at least coping with it. It should be for the most part done in a logical way and that can be most difficult when it comes to that b/c it is mainly involved with emotions. Facing fears may be done in a gradual way and never forced by others in a way of ridiculing others too. That may make the situation worse. The actual person who has the fear must have the courage to face it in their own way. And frustrations are done the same. Make it a game to try to figure out how the best way to handle it. Make it a diversity with one or many ways in which to tackle it. It takes more energy to get oneself worked up and there is negativity in which one will produce stress. And that will result in doom.

Entry for October 07, 2008″ A Story” Part 6

October 7, 2008

Again on a cloudy day one views a wide white streak in the sky resulting from a recent jet that flew overhead. The temps are surprisingly warm for this time of year. However one shouldn’t be complacent. Still being in the midwest many years I was never comfortable with the surroundings for many reasons. Still receiving and responding to correspondence every other week made life bearable. With frequent inferences to my return to Italy, I seriously thought while flattering; the prospect wasn’t to be. There was a gap in communication. Franco and I were only scripting in French and doing that well; he still wasn’t speaking English and my Italian was only a few phrases. And the fact that I really didn’t know him either. So in the midst of still scripting letters to each other, I began dating an American of Austrian descent. And our letters slowly grew less and less infrequent as it became apparent that when the letters the picture of Franco and postcards finally ceased; I put all of them in a flowered box covered with minute roses and put that box into an empty box of italian chocolates. This was a treasure and I have it to this very day. My new flame who was American was highly intelligent, charismatic, always joking, yet could be serious when the time was appropriate. He was David. I laid eyes on him first while at the A&P grocery store. We met in the pickle and olive isle and we spoke briefly. Then again saw each other and exchange phone numbers. We met in May and spent every waking hour together getting to really know one another. Sometimes we would spent all night talking, yes only talking. This was done when my parents were in Hawaii for four days. We were engaged in September of the same year, and then married in December that year, on a Wednesday evening. The priest who I had traveled married us at St Thomas Aquinas Church. My father gave me away and was so proud. I wore a velvet blue long length dress with long sleeves to my wrists and a short blue veil to cover my face, with a small white beaded purse on my right arm. The night before the event I laid awake most of the night thinking of all who came before and knew that David was the one for me. We were both independent thinkers, respected each other’s opinion, treated each other as gentleman and lady and above all trusted each other to build a strong foundation to withstand anything that would come our way.

Entry for October 06, 2008″ A Story” Part 5

October 6, 2008

With raindrops falling down at a sporadic pace, one is viewing the golden with a tinge of orange leaves of various sizes scattered on the sidewalk and the mounds of them on either side. As this adventure to Europe for the first time, it was conducive for me to cautiously sit apart from the others travelers when I was in a place to do just that. Reason being that I was apt to meet and have conversations with people of my own choosing. On this one occasion we as a group were traveling by train and while the others were asleep, including the priest I stayed awake. As the night progressed I met an Italian lad. He spoke only italian and french. So knowing the little french that I knew I immediately put it to use and we spent the entire night together on the train which was heading near and going through Mont Blanc. As the morning approached as we departed, we both uttered the short demand’ ecrivez moi’, and we both answered, oui. All the other travelers had money for souvenirs and extra money for things they desired. One of them asked me about that and my retort was that I didn’t have or want any money, only what was required. The lasting and enduring pictures that were in my mind of the fascinating places were enough for me; that I didn’t want or need anything that was tangible, while others were selecting linens and other items from a ladies in Austria who were there to sell to tourists. After I arrived home I received my first postcard. His name was Francesco Pellicano. His postcard was in French and signed Franco. I posted one back and soon the letters with more postcards would be coming at a swift pace, with elegant script poised by hand, with deep feelings of endearment. He taught me some italian.We corresponded in French and Italian for nearly three years. He encouraged me to return to Italy at my own convenience. My uncle, Bobby had come for a visit from Colorado. He was my father’s brother. My Uncle Bobby gave me a great deal of attention and I now was in my twentys and thought it was good. I hadn’t seen him for a great many years b/c he and my father got into an argument at Christmastime many years ago. My father said to his brother to take back all the presents, which of one was a life sized doll. My mother said that I and my sister won’t know the difference. That she and my father will give us colouring books and crayons. I at the time was age four and my younger sister was age two. Parents always make mistakes in rearing children. As I know I have. The difference is that one’s errors should be their own.