Entry for October 01, 2008″ The Law”

As the leaves are now turning the bright autumn colors and the temps become slightly cooler, one is still taking daily walks in the interim. Some people have the propensity to strench, bend, break the law. Yet some use it to their own advantage pretending that they are above it and it doesn’t pertain to them. This is further from the truth. Still others will act as vigilantes; and somehow will condone their actions. Yet when this occurs these individuals put themselves in harms way and therefore the rest of society. This behavior is a monstrosity. This is a civilized society and individuals of this society should act as human beings and therefore these deeds aren’t worthy of dignity and respect. There is a fallacy which states; an eye for an eye. The result would be the entire world would be blind; along with their thinking. Let’s set a senario. A person is in need of cash, regardless of the amount. Comes to a friend and asks for it. The friend gives the cash and with their generosity thinks that the money will only be used to aid in their friend’s need. Instead this friend uses the money for something frivolous. This happens repeatedly among friends with or without retributions nor reprecussions. Now let’s play devils advocate. First of all a trust was breached between friends; a betrayal of sorts. And without trust the friendship tumbles and crumbles and falls to the ground, never to stand again. Another senario, a person borrows an item from another and ends up keeping it. Never to return or replace it. The law states that this is an injustice. When one borrows they intend to return the item. However this isn’t the case. It is done everyday without a bat of an eyelash. One may write one law after another and it isn’t effective unless it is enforced. If not, it’s not worth the paper in which it is written. However there are laws within a person’s conscience too, to tell them whether something seems correct or not. Only they are the judge of that; for only they and they alone are answerable to themselves.

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