Entry for October 02, 2008″ A Story” Part 1

While yet taking daily walks near the bay, it is noticable the rushing water as it races with energy; the various shapes of the clouds and the beginning of a sailor’s sunset all in one day’s time. This is one’s own perspective on a life adventure. From the very start, one is apt to take every event in sequence. And also plan the happenings sometimes far in advance. For instance, I thought at the age of sixteen that the name Ian was to be my first born. However at that tender age, I didn’t know if and when I would ever marry. A year earlier at the age of fifteen, I went to my first dance, a junior prom. This in itself is a common occurrence in every or most person’s young life as it plays and replays to this day. It was a blind date. Meaning that one didn’t actually know the person and had to trust the integrity of that friend of friend’s friend. Knowing my sense of adventure as to the mystery of what was about to occur; I was for it one hundred percent. I was dressed very lovely in a pretty shade of pink and had white pumps shoes and a lighter pink flower adorning on my shoulder. My date was tall, handsome, intelligent, well groomed, six month younger than my age. He went to Gonzaga high school. The prom was held at my school, Holy Cross Academy. The dance lasted three and a half hours. It was simply a wonderful, glorious evening. Shortly after the dance their were refreshments served. Conversation and attraction between us evolved. We doubled with another couple. His name was John Gartner, and he was my date.We exchange phone numbers and soon after a relationship came. Then after a brief phone conversation he invited me to come to Gaithersburg to his home to meet his parents and sister Judy. The relationship continued to blossom in a marvelous way with reoccurrences to his home, with saturday picnics and an occasional movie. Then my dad was in the midst of changing jobs and there was a chance that our family was going to have to relocate to the mid- west. That would be a major change and also at the same time good for all of us concerned. Still as it was in the throws of discussion none of us were aware of this outcome as to the utter lasting effect it would have on all of us individually to be suddenly be uprooted.

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