Entry for October 03, 2008″ A Story” Part 2

As the sun shines brightly through the room’s window, the overnight frost glistens on the upper window as well. One is reminded that there is a decided fall in temps only temporarily. My continuous epic is underway. My father in fact was transferred to a higher position and the family was therefore reluctantly to relinquish the life in Maryland and move to the midwest where the culture was different in numerous ways. Liking my school, the likability I had with teachers as a whole and the atmosphere of the state was very pleasing. My cousins whom I liked and my aunt and uncle were there too. And there was my boyfriend John too. Leaving that life there was heartbreaking. Nevertheless the move was forthcoming and in actuality. When we finally arrived in Indiana, the capital of the state. It was indeed different. My family grew further apart in distance meaning in a cold way. Even though my father was making a decidedly difference in salary. It just seemed not enough to hold the family together, so there was tension in a quiet way. So therefore it left me alone and confused emotionally. Little did I know at the time that experience would make me stronger in a way and thankful for it. Going to a different school and one that I personally wasn’t proud of, along with the teachers weren’t in my opinion good. They were mediocre at best. Just never had the comeraderie that I felt in Maryland and New York. However there I was to make the very best of the situation and I succeeded in my own way to cope with my surroundings. As for my boyfriend John, we continued our relationship by writing a myriad of letters, post cards to one another.

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