Entry for October 04, 2008″ A Story” Part 3

Upon awaking from the night’s slumber, there was an echoing while pleasant sound of a nature’s type of bird. Continuing with this saga, one was truly missing the life in Maryland and now in an unfamiliar state; I rarely saw my aunt and uncle and cousins, maybe once or twice a year if that. A child needs relatives in their life for a sense of belonging. So when that didn’t happen as often as possible; I began to put a wall around me to shield feelings from others. I would only let certain persons in to share the feelings. This was my way of coping with the situation. I had a select few, my cousins, my aunt and uncle,and my boyfriend John. That meant that I wasn’t alone completely, yet these persons were of my own choosing. My new school in which I graduated wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. To this very day I can picture myself in my school’s uniform, a lavender blouse, brown skirt, lavender socks, brown oxfords and a white blazer which had the insignia on the lapel. I was standing on the corner outside my house. And opposite me was my boyfriend John, who had run away from Maryland and had been rolling drunks to get to Indpls. This was told to me by my parents, whose credibility was little to be desired, yet faulty at best. John never said that to me as we were embrassing. He wanted me to be with him forever and marry him. I looked at him and said no. We were nineteen years of age at the time. He had graduated from Gonzaga h.s. and went to into the Navy and was a sailor for a short time. I knew at the time that I was unhappy at home and thought I would be unhappy with him. My younger sisters were married and despite that I didn’t want to follow to that path of unhappiness. So John left disheartened and six weeks later I got a letter from him postmarked Phoenix, Ar. saying that he was married to a girl whom he got pregnant. That I was the only girl for him and that one day I would meet that person and be happy. I am so glad that I made the decision I did. At that time in one’s life it is so easy to be a run of the mill, in which I wasn’t at the time and it wasn’t my intention. The majority of girls ruin their lives and at the same time ruin other lives as well. After John left I cried for days and threw his picture, all his letters in the incinerator. However the memory of him and the whole situation is worth narrating these years later.

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