Entry for October 05, 2008″ A Story” Part 4

The picturesque clear blue sky as one looked onward and upward strenched for miles as the gentle breeze blew off the bay; the sight of a speedboat scurring alone at a moderate pace. The combination reminded one of a symphony clair de lune. This day is by far differs from the previous two, as it is cloudy, grey and is raining. As I tried to adjust to my new surroundings, it was truly difficult. However after h.s. I worked at various types of jobs, whether it being temporary; a job I had at the State Office Building doing income taxes; and on my lunch hour I would go to view the court cases; part-time or full time I was always working and enjoyed it. Living at home it was an advantage financially, yet every other way it wasn’t. After a considerable time working on a day today basis a priest ask me along with ten others if I would like to travel to Canada, to Montreal, Quebec City, and to St Anne De Beaupre. Of course I jumped at the chance and thought the country was great. Then the same priest invited me along with another small group to visit Canada again. This time going to the province of Ontario and some of the western provinces. This was clarification of my previous thinking. The western states were included in this packet, as it was an extended voyage. Then sometime later the same priest ask me along with a yet different group of about fifteen to accompany him and the others to Europe and I was so happy to be chosen and at the same time thrilled at the aspect of such a venture. The voyage would cover thirteen countries and it would be for three weeks. There would be enough time to savor the surroundings of each country. It would include; Lisbon, Portugal, Spain, three cities; Ireland, two cities, London, England, Germany, three cities, Italy, five cities, the Scandinavian countries along with Finland. Most of the voyage was taken on the Eurail pass. This was a true, eye opening education.

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