Entry for October 06, 2008″ A Story” Part 5

With raindrops falling down at a sporadic pace, one is viewing the golden with a tinge of orange leaves of various sizes scattered on the sidewalk and the mounds of them on either side. As this adventure to Europe for the first time, it was conducive for me to cautiously sit apart from the others travelers when I was in a place to do just that. Reason being that I was apt to meet and have conversations with people of my own choosing. On this one occasion we as a group were traveling by train and while the others were asleep, including the priest I stayed awake. As the night progressed I met an Italian lad. He spoke only italian and french. So knowing the little french that I knew I immediately put it to use and we spent the entire night together on the train which was heading near and going through Mont Blanc. As the morning approached as we departed, we both uttered the short demand’ ecrivez moi’, and we both answered, oui. All the other travelers had money for souvenirs and extra money for things they desired. One of them asked me about that and my retort was that I didn’t have or want any money, only what was required. The lasting and enduring pictures that were in my mind of the fascinating places were enough for me; that I didn’t want or need anything that was tangible, while others were selecting linens and other items from a ladies in Austria who were there to sell to tourists. After I arrived home I received my first postcard. His name was Francesco Pellicano. His postcard was in French and signed Franco. I posted one back and soon the letters with more postcards would be coming at a swift pace, with elegant script poised by hand, with deep feelings of endearment. He taught me some italian.We corresponded in French and Italian for nearly three years. He encouraged me to return to Italy at my own convenience. My uncle, Bobby had come for a visit from Colorado. He was my father’s brother. My Uncle Bobby gave me a great deal of attention and I now was in my twentys and thought it was good. I hadn’t seen him for a great many years b/c he and my father got into an argument at Christmastime many years ago. My father said to his brother to take back all the presents, which of one was a life sized doll. My mother said that I and my sister won’t know the difference. That she and my father will give us colouring books and crayons. I at the time was age four and my younger sister was age two. Parents always make mistakes in rearing children. As I know I have. The difference is that one’s errors should be their own.

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