Entry for October 07, 2008″ A Story” Part 6

Again on a cloudy day one views a wide white streak in the sky resulting from a recent jet that flew overhead. The temps are surprisingly warm for this time of year. However one shouldn’t be complacent. Still being in the midwest many years I was never comfortable with the surroundings for many reasons. Still receiving and responding to correspondence every other week made life bearable. With frequent inferences to my return to Italy, I seriously thought while flattering; the prospect wasn’t to be. There was a gap in communication. Franco and I were only scripting in French and doing that well; he still wasn’t speaking English and my Italian was only a few phrases. And the fact that I really didn’t know him either. So in the midst of still scripting letters to each other, I began dating an American of Austrian descent. And our letters slowly grew less and less infrequent as it became apparent that when the letters the picture of Franco and postcards finally ceased; I put all of them in a flowered box covered with minute roses and put that box into an empty box of italian chocolates. This was a treasure and I have it to this very day. My new flame who was American was highly intelligent, charismatic, always joking, yet could be serious when the time was appropriate. He was David. I laid eyes on him first while at the A&P grocery store. We met in the pickle and olive isle and we spoke briefly. Then again saw each other and exchange phone numbers. We met in May and spent every waking hour together getting to really know one another. Sometimes we would spent all night talking, yes only talking. This was done when my parents were in Hawaii for four days. We were engaged in September of the same year, and then married in December that year, on a Wednesday evening. The priest who I had traveled married us at St Thomas Aquinas Church. My father gave me away and was so proud. I wore a velvet blue long length dress with long sleeves to my wrists and a short blue veil to cover my face, with a small white beaded purse on my right arm. The night before the event I laid awake most of the night thinking of all who came before and knew that David was the one for me. We were both independent thinkers, respected each other’s opinion, treated each other as gentleman and lady and above all trusted each other to build a strong foundation to withstand anything that would come our way.

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