Entry for October 14, 2008″ Untitled”

Weatherwise it is decidedly cooler than the previous days. It was surely unprecentedly warmer these former days. It is the middle of the month thusfar, as it is flying by as one day is going into another. The topic untitled comes from a Keane song which is the name of it and the song itself is very sad and is about death. Every person imaginable has fears and frustrations. Fears of something which is in the inner soul. However the difference is that it doesn’t and won’t take control over their lives. Many persons will never admit to any of the fears in their daily life. And frustrations come with daily life, and the difference in that it shouldn’t overcome them in everyday activities. Fears for the most part come in an individual way and sometimes has nothing to do with what is happening nationally or internationally. Yet in some aspect it can exacerbate it. People have many fears such as heights, flying, being closed in very small places, and many others things. The key to it is how the person handles it. That is important in overcoming or at least coping with it. It should be for the most part done in a logical way and that can be most difficult when it comes to that b/c it is mainly involved with emotions. Facing fears may be done in a gradual way and never forced by others in a way of ridiculing others too. That may make the situation worse. The actual person who has the fear must have the courage to face it in their own way. And frustrations are done the same. Make it a game to try to figure out how the best way to handle it. Make it a diversity with one or many ways in which to tackle it. It takes more energy to get oneself worked up and there is negativity in which one will produce stress. And that will result in doom.

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