Entry for October 15, 2008″ Untitled” Continued

Life is optimistic although the rainy, chilly day is here. Diversity is the key to the generality of all that exists on earth. To have the same day in and day out would lead to a very mundane time. One also feels that health is most important and has a bearing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual character and is interwined as well and interchanged. So therefore fears and frustrations are a part of everyday life. So when one hears that someone who one knows or knew has died; the natural feeling is sorrow for both. The one who has died and the one who has been left. The circumstances may differ yet the result is the same. There is a fallacy which states that’ death is a part of life’. It is a finality and therefore hasn’t any part of what is known as vitality or the breath of life’s blood. One may sustain and be stronger as a result of knowing certain people who have succumbed. The way a person dies is prevalent to the circumstances as to age and so forth and makes somewhat of a difference in the grief process. After blogging recently on a segment of the story I then googled that person and found out that he had died. He was a priest that I went to Canada twice and Europe and then I called the church to clarify my findings and sure enough he had died in March of 2004. I thought of what I was doing then and where I was. Yes I was sad, for as long as I knew him and the way our life came together; yet I still thought if he had any family or close friends who were a part of him. One fear I have to mention is that when I was six years of age I came home after throwing my lunch away b/c the thurmus which had milk wasn’t tighten and my lunch became soggy. So I decided to walk home from school and in the process I was caught in one of the islands on Queens Blvd. with cars going in either directions. A policeman rescued me and brought me home safely. When I saw my mother she was very upset and I was punished for it. That experience was instilled in me for a long time a fear of crossing streets. Both my mother and myself were wrong. Yet she could have handled it differently. My fear has deminished to some degree and I have overcome the fear of it, yet I still think about it.

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