Entry for October 16, 2008″ Betterment”

Being loquacious is a positive aspect in itself, knowing when,where and how much is essential if one is taking part in a colloquy. If something or someone is already good, there is always room for improvement; yet if the same is negative there are questions to be raised as to why. In this particular state there is a quagmire. This pertains to the capital of which one resides at this time. There are many positive things about this city, the nature, the bay and overall scenery. So there should be the betterment for all concerned. Instead there is the state legislative being corrupt with amounts of money being appropriated in things unfairly and in the red. The owi offences being done to an unheard amount of times and is repeatedly ignored by the officers in charge. The blatancy when it comes to cannabis. The fact that it is widespread isn’t the issue, yet it is spoken openly within a conversation without notice. The cannabis that is found in large areas such as fields, farms, parks, and forests should lead to the apprehension of those involved. Instead for an apparent reason it is just mentioned briefly on the daily news. The crime here of several students should be approached in a different matter in the way of solving them instead of dragging their feet. In problem areas there should be beat cops patrolling in two for their own protection as well as the citizenry. The police officers should speak to the guardian angels about how to solve this, and with the cooperation of them both something could come in a progressive orderly proceedure. The neighbour watch isn’t enough. There was a march involved with members of families who had commited suicide. One would make an educated guess that is was better than have the situation ignored altogether. There are all kinds of orgs. dedicated to issues. They go to one meeting after another and never find a solution. It is true that misery loves company.

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