Entry for October 20, 2008″ An Underlining Factor” Part 1

As the ending of the month approaches the temps are seasonal as the wind becomes slightly stronger than the previous day, as peaks of sun shine through the cloudy sky and fewer ducks appear on the rolling bay. Education is essential especially when one has finished their formal schooling. Continuous learning is vital in a myriad ways and can be obtained by the pbs stations which are scattered around the country as well as the npr stations. If one would take an half hour out of their daily schedule each day they would be pleasantly surprised. Another way to obtain education is by asking questions about what matters at the time. Absolutely no question is considered stupid, for that is the way a person learns. The internet is a tool that when used correctly it may stimulate the brain waves which provides knowledge. Another way is having a meaningful conversation with friends, family, and acquaintances; and therefore at some point having a debate and sharing the diversified opinions. This is done regardless of the weather and at any month of the year. This could be a key to a better understanding the people around oneself. It could be on any subject available and depending on the ones involved. What a nice way to spend a good part of one’s time and a most positive way too. In some ways it could be intense at times, yet that is the key to debating; and in the end shake hands and smile always remain friends and most of all share the knowledge one is partaking so the ones involved with benefit from the experience.

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