Entry for October 21, 2008″ An Underlining Factor” Part 2

The sun continues to shine brightly despite an overnight frost for the last couple of times. It is surely a lovely season.Yesterday’s blog after editing seemed surprisingly short, yet succinct in comparison to most. Recently one viewed a news programme which was very interesting and informative. It dealt with the overall debacle which is on the minds of all Americans and unfortunately overshadows the American campaign for the President. The ads on the airwaves are inadated with very negative, not at all conducive to the issues that are of importance. These ads are focused mainly on attacks and all one hears is about the economy. Surely there is much more; immigration which not only serves the bordering states, yet should serves the entire nation as a whole; crime which is running rampant for the lack of police officers assigned to keep the peace in an orderly fashion; abuse, whether of the elderly, the young, the women or whoever the abuse touches; gun control and the lack of guns to keep them off the streets, instead there are countless; health care, for each citizen of the nation. Other countries have health care, regardless of the type. America is the only one who refuses to adopt some kind of programme. There is the constant debate as to the type. That is inconsequential. What matters is a yes or no, one has or one hasn’t. It wouldn’t be frugal to keep debating on the type, in the meantime the citizens keep suffering and going bankrupt in the process. At a result of the debacle the American government had to loan the banks to repay their recipients or insurers. This was a total of more than a billion dollars, which the government didn’t have in the first place and for years has been in the red and will be more in the red than ever. The mismanagement of Wall Street, Wamu and Bank of America to name just a few. If the federal government loans money to keep the bank afloot; a question abounds. Is that socialism? Is this country on the path? Or is it a form of it. It will take thirty five years to repay the loan. How many candidates will have to run, and how many will be elected in the course of thirty five years? So what is the point of voting? It is one’s right and privilege. In many countries their citizens aren’t as privileged.

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