Entry for October 22, 2008′ An Underlining Factor” Part 3

What a difference a day makes. The sunny day continues yet seems colder now,however considering the time of year one shouldn’t wonder that. In the course while on the computer one had some necessary updates done and now it seems different, noticing the printing is darker and smaller in a way however one shouldn’t stress over it as long as one gets results. This is a result of having a windows update.Yesterday was my son’s birthday and my niece’s birthday. How wonderful that it falls on the same day and they are a year apart. Now on to the topic at hand; one saw another news report on the cbs programme sixty minutes which was a segment on the other war. It was about the American soldiers in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, which is near the Pakistan border. There is a road which is heavily traveled and apparently the only one and it is paid for by the Americans. One would wonder why that is being done in a war torn nation? These American soldiers are bravely risking their lives on a daily basis. These brave souls are fighting the Taliban where the insurgents have infer red cameras capturing the whereabouts and at the same time taking pictures of these Americans. These soldiers are fully cognisant of them doing this and one may surmise that it is an invasion of privacy. There is advance technology on one hand and the trenchous mountains which there isn’t a way to have any direction and if the soldiers are backtracking or going in the correct direction. The way the average person trecks this mountain must be most difficult at best. There are no levels or peaks. It just seems to be upward or straight down. One wonders do these soldiers have spikes on their boots to grip the terrain and aid them from falling? What about the average Pak; are these Paks trained in a special way to climb the mountain safely? One would ponder that they have caves built within the mountain itself for self preservation.For if not how do they keep from being captured and why are there so many of them? This has to be their life’s plan and work. This war has been going on for six years in Iraq and has averted the fight to Afghanistan. It will take another ten years or more to have a resolution. Why can’t these two countries come to the United Nations with the perspective parties involved and negotiate a settlement? Why won’t the US government agree to this? Why can’t people in the world be treated as human beings regardless of their ideology? One would think that it is logical. The average Iraqi and Afghan want the same for their children and grandchildren as the American what to have. Why not put peacekeepers in the two countries? Then there would be peace in that region of the world. One is reminded that peace is an absence of war and although there would be skirmishes the world would benefit by all concerned.

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