Entry for October 24, 2008′ Traveling”

On this cloudy rainy autumn day which is filled with wonder when one is pondering the upcoming holidays; traveling is on the minds of each individual, as they carefully plan to venture to see friends and relatives and partake in the feasts and festivities. It is marvelous to treasure now and the forthcoming years.Yet for some this isn’t the case at all. For those who must say so long to friends and family as they with others brave the thought of something they must do and never the thought of something that is pleasant. These unique individuals along with their unit must leave their own country, not sure that they will ever return. These patriotic souls will return to an unfamiliar country, that isn’t their own,not once yet twice or more.In order for them to do this there must be a good amount of sadness. In most cases these soldiers have seen the battlefield once and if it were their choice wouldn’t return to the catastrophic conditions. However there choice isn’t their own. It is a sad fact that at least three thousand brave warriors have suffered mentally and therefore are not equipped to handle the conditions of war. They are unable to sleep and stay up for days. When they do they suffer from nightmares continually.They are prescribed drugs which don’t actually aid the condition itself and in cases make their condition worsened to the fact they are unable to even cope with everyday normal activities. When treated in hospitals the cost is monumental. These nightmares are relatively the same however vary. It is a man with a good amount of his head gone and his brain spilling over as he is shot with an automatic high powered machine as his face has an expression filled with emotions of anger, fright, sadness and bewilderment.These are all combined in one. These soldiers aren’t physically disabled, they are mentally disabled.There are many who have committed suicide as they are taking the meds that are suppose to aid them. It is with sorrow that these soldiers are sent back to Iraq and Afghanistan. With their fate before them and with their young vibrant lives before them. So if by chance when venturing to somewhere joyous one will cast a eye one them; it would be a good jesture to treat them with a smile or even a kind word.

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