Entry for October 25, 2008″ Neighbourhoods”

There is an abundance of sun and shade with the autumn leaves falling as a speedboat with a skier attached is on the bay inspite of the windy conditions. It is absolutely amazing to live in the same neighbourhood for one’s most or entire life and to view the ultimate changes that occur within that time. Neighbourhoods in general change in the course of time and repeatedly for the better and worse. However how long it takes to accomplish this process is up for debate. The general process it may take years. People move in and out for various reasons. It would be good to look back and view a house in which one lived in the past and see for oneself the transformation of it. It may have grown larger in the sphere as industries repeatedly develop over time. And the house itself would look decidedly different and what has been added and taken away. It could be painted and repainted several times and look entirely different from the way one remembers the structure. There are in fact those who have lived in their homes for their entire or most of their life and have had a bird’s eye view in the enormous changes of their overall existance. With there immediate family moving away as they themselves grow in age, they are living history. One would like to revisit places in which one has lived; one being 914 Glaizewood Ave. Takoma Pk. Md. My son Ian differs with me and says that is a war zone. However it would be nice to see for oneself. Another place is 6771 Queens Blvd in NYC. When visiting Indpls occasionally over the years one goes to see the homes in which one lived too. The fact of it being mindboggling is always interesting to say the least. In some cases the structures would be unrecognisable. It is like retracing history. And that history is living. What a wonderful event to achieve in their lifetime and better yet to speak to family in detail about their beholdings. What an intangible gift.

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