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Entry for November 24, 2008″ The Space Programme”

November 24, 2008

Today is the first measurable snowfall. There is nearly two in a half inches on the ground yet enough to make the morning commute difficult at best for some. One is leaving for the holiday tomorrow at mid morning in hope that this precipitation will taper off or better yet wane altogether. The space programme is out dated, should be revamped,or abolished. Taken the economic crisis it is much too espensive to operate. It is fare game that there have been several rockets and other apparatuses that have been inoperable for one reason or another and have failed to get off the ground. The repairable condition isn’t worth the money, time and energy. This is the time to cut corners in anyway, everyway one can. Given the moment when the United States was the first country to have a man of the moon, which is most commendable. This country should be satisfied with that; and think that there isn’t a country to take that away from the United States. There has been discouveries such as the H. telescope, which was major and some other minor discouveries for certain. Surely the United States have teemed up with other countries and been a team player in this process. The Houston Commander Center is surely esorbitant to operate daily as well as the Kennedy Space Station in Orlando; the alternative station, Edwards Air Force Base in California is used periodically too. So there are three stations used for this venture. If the money could and in all probability would in actuality be diverted to some well deserved programmes such as stem cell research; and instead of always being on the verve of curing some disease then actually cure one and many more, universal healthcare, a place where children and teens could go afterschool; the boys and girls club in very state in lieu of the streets, to have beat cops in the problematic areas in the country so the citizenry would feel more secure in their environs, and have the public transportation be in suitable working order primarily Amtrak, so that an individual may use this as an alterative to their automobiles and in turn have a healthier lifestyle. This is one’s perspective.

Entry for November 22, 2008″ A Revelation”

November 22, 2008

In the course of walking one finds the temps slightly warmer as the wind wasn’t nearly a factor. There were several geese with squeaking and squealing sounds for a total of five minutes to interfere with the peacefulness of the surroundings as this came out of the blue. This sound was loud enough and it was as if the geese were in a conversation with one another. There was a revelation as the news reports saying that Guantanamo prison was closing in the near future. However there wasn’t a date as yet of the closure. The combatants who have been held there for nearly seven years, there is an uncertainty of where they go. These combatants who haven’t been properly charged in a court of law is a disgrace. They have been held against their will in a confined space. Some combatants have been moved to Camp Delta. The guards there have used reward and punishment. Some combatants have been water boarded which is inhuman and is definitely a sign of torture. This is in direct defiance of the Geneva Convention. In 2004, most combatants were rounded up and taken blindfolded to an unknown location and from there taken to Guantanamo. On the way they were strapped to a board so they may only view upward; and some were shackeled by their ankles and wrists so they may only view downward. This was done in the same way when they were transported from one group of cells and other groups of cells within Guantanamo; which is a prison within a prison. Some of these combatants have been set free to venture to their own country if they wish. Some who have been caught in the crossfire and been in prison who are innocent. They have been away from their own country as well as their own family. And the worry in which those families have are unbearable. Many are mere teenagers and the suicide rate in there is very abundant. The time lost there is irreplacable. One should keep in mind to treat others with dignity, respect and justice inspite of culture and religion.

Entry for November 21, 2008″ Sojourn”

November 21, 2008

In the interim one has been walking sporadically as the weather is conducive; and in doing so one has esperimented with the brisk wind as cold and stinging one’s face as one would continue to walk facing the wind and while returning the wind would be at one’s back. Along the way the nature persists, as one is in observance of the clouds in the sky too. And of course the news continued on the national, international and local fronts. One will go into detail later as the news stories are prevalent to one’s liking. Been preparing to go to Indpls. on Tuesday for Thanksgiving and a visit to see my sister Vivian and family. So the weather is of contention to dress appropriately and at the same time not to overdress. One has already packed however will revise it before Tuesday. Like doing things prematurely so one has time for oneself to reflect and relent.Been instant messaging my niece occasionally too. Watching news programmes on the pbs tele, and an news programme too. The latter one concerns the well publicised story of the person who is now a man who gave birth to a baby girl and is now pregnant with the second offspring. The other person who is now a woman nursed the infant in plain view of the cameras capturing this event. This transgender person claims to be the first man to give birth. In watching and listening to the entire programme this isn’t true. There happens to be at least third five or moreso at last count to have done this. The whole concept in one’s view is repugnant.One might say too in the same vane that the doctors who have performed these procedures beforehand, during and all of them should have their licenses taken away. These individuals who practise medicine cross the line when it comes to morality. These doctors of medicine aren’t abortionists or one’s who practise in the clinics of fertility. There isn’t a comparison or correlation with those. The programme was very graffic in its content and yet in someway educationally disturbing as well. In the fact that these processes are there in the 21st century. It would seem to one’s thinking that medicine has advanced in the wrong direction. Or was it always capable of that? It has tipped to scale in the wrong direction.

Entry for November 11, 2008′ In Memoriam”

November 11, 2008

Let one and all Americans rejuvenate ourselves and commemorate in memoriam, for the freedom we hold dear in our hearts. Let us as a country as a whole, ponder the endless lives who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Veteran’s Day is a way to ponder further their lives if fate hadn’t stood in their way as to what they would have become; professionally, intellectually, emotionally. We mustn’t forget the countless lives who have been injured physically,and injured in an irreversible manner. In the same tone the countless veterans who are homeless too. There is the Triborough Bridge which connects the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. The Triborough Bridge in a few day will be dedicated and renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Robert Francis Kennedy grew up in the Bronx and was a Senator from the state of New York. His valiant life was lost on June 6th 1968. So this bridge is a fitting tribute; he bridged people together in a visionary matter. John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was a President of this country lost his life on November 22, 1963. There are many structures named and renamed after him in this country and others, namely Ireland the land of his ancestry. If one has the unique advantage on this day to visit Arlington National Cemetery in the national capital; where one may find the solace to reflection. One too should ponder the men and women who are now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and pray for their continued safety and their return to their family and friends. For the adjacent few days there is rain, sleet and snow and it is going to be decidedly colder.One’s daily walks have been sporadic, which will suffice.

Entry for November 10, 2008″ Rebuilding” Part 2

November 10, 2008

A few trees are now bare with the arrival of winter approaching. There are white seagulls in a group of five flying across the bay. There are various black and grey geese in the water as they scurry along at a creeping pace, it looks like they are sitting still in the bay. There are ominous clouds of numerous shapes darker and lighter as it reveals snow is on its way in the near future. In 2002 and 2003 the Talaban and al Qaeda shot rockets, flares, bombs and missiles attempting to annihilate the buddhas which were set in a mountain village in Afghanistan. All that was left from this horrific act was five gapeing holes shaped like the buddhas. This act was accomplished b/c in their way of thinking it was idolatry. Inside the mountain were the brahmans and on a daily basis they practised brahma. Today there is a huge high barbed wire surrounding a restaurant and the rubble which encompases a football field and yet today is remains to be a very safe place within the area. There are very treacherous, dangerous road leading to this place and one may risk their life in traveling there. In the crumble pieces left, the brahmans are taking shovels and with painstaking precision collect all the rubble and chunks that are scattered in a very immense area.They will be rebuilding their buddhas. Their aim is to achieve this. There is not a framework nor timeline for their completion. The important factor is that these brahmans have begun their well intentioned, meritorious task. With ingenuity, fortitude, perseverance and benevolence this act will be forthcoming and the brahmans will be thankful for the outcome. They as a whole are doing work that will benefit their entire nation and should be commended for it.They are a true esample of courage.

Entry for November 09, 2008″Rebuilding” Part 1

November 9, 2008

It continues with cold temps and somewhat cloudy as peaks of sun attempt to shine. Life encompasses a two letter word that is small yet has an enormous importance in significance in the paths of destiny. The two party system is vital factor in the democracy of this country. Rebuilding it from the ground up while laying a solid foundation is essential, so the citizens have the right to choose from the two major parties. Needless to say there are minor parties that from time to time will come into play. The Republicans must reach out in a sincere and valiant effort to blacks and hispanics. The gop must also address the subject of immigration in the entire country and not just the states that are relevant.This should be completed by 2012 so as the party has a competent candidate to run successively and win the hearts and minds of the citizenry. One may ponder that this blogger is of that party and that is the wrong conclusion. This blogger is an Independent. There are many competent individuals within the Republican party. There shouldn’t be any in bickering within the party too. For that is an instrument of failure. The party should be united and glue themselves only to the issues. That is a ticket for success. One may know that there will be issues then and some continuing issues as well. Hopefully there won’t be another war in addition to the two on the table. This incoming administration will have an enomous plate on the table. It is unfortunate being that each administration inherits from the previous one. This one that is in power now has made some incredible blunders mostly on the domestic front and that is circulated worldwide. This president has made some blunders too internationally that have had a ripple effect domestically.

Entry for November 07, 2008″ Labels” Part 2

November 7, 2008

With the sun shining brightly yet cold locally, a blizzard is in the upper plains and hurricane Paloma is in the Caribbean momentarily ready to do havoc to the Gulf states and the Fla. peninsula once again. What a contrast and at the same time. Here in this country history was made on election day when the votes turned out to cast their ballot for either the first woman v.p.,the second Catholic v.p. or the first black President of the U.S. The campaign was fought bitterly by both sides counter reacting charges. It seemed to the average voter to be a very long process. I am an Independent and voted for Senator John Mc Cain. While still being an Independent, one voted four years ago, and cast one’s ballot for Sen. John Kerry.Yet the majority of the country voted for the first black President, so reported by the news media. The rest of the world applauded and others including myself will be in his corner. It isn’t the colour of his skin; its the content of his character. One anticipates his new administration, the selection of his cabinet as he is going across party lines to select the best of qualifications. One feels that a person could make an effort for harmony. One hopes that he will be an inspiration to others to aspire and be a shining esample. And at the same time not condone for not performing up to standards. If one would only look inside instead of only looking at the outside of a person as well as treating the person with dignity; one would go further and get things done more easily. It is a trait of laziness to stamp labels on individuals. It is a content time to have a well gifted individual in the White House. One must also remember he is and always will be a politican. With that said this country will remain with freedoms intact and safe.

Entry for November 06, 2008″ Labels” Part 1

November 6, 2008

As the colder weather approaches and seasonable temps, a chance of snow showers on the horison,one will forego the daily walk today. One has been taking strolls for ten months now inspite of the weather conditions. So taking a breather is not a big deal. Why does society put labels on individuals? It is so irritating. Persons aren’t commodities, pieces of furniture, or items in a supermarket. All persons have intellects and free will in which to choose their path in life. And to put labels to stigmatise an individual is definitely wrong and may for some be a detriment emotionally. If one finds labels on a packet it is suppose to tell the ingredients inside however it isn’t necessarily precise.Persons aren’t tangible and can’t be thrown away at a moment’s notice. There isn’t a price tag on a person. In describing another one will enviably say the colour of a person’s skin. That particular person hasn’t done anything against anyone. In describing a person who is white a person doesn’t say the colour of their skin. Even if the one who is describing that person is the same or different. This of course is in general chatting or in general conversations on a daily basis. Most notably is the observation of referring blacks as african american; are whites considered causations? Or is it a word that someone dreams up politically. The Africans are proud to have come from the continent of Africa; so black Americans should have the same pride in their country. The Africans and black Americans are so different and shouldn’t be put in the same class. The Africans and black Americans are culturally different in a myriad of ways and in their thought process is different as well, so there isn’t a comparison. All individuals should be proud of who they are, and their ancestry. One should never judge a book by its couver. As one is blogging it is raining heavily and is considerably colder, so one’s decision still holds.

Entry for November 02, 2008″ Holidays”

November 2, 2008

As the golden leaves grace the various trees in magestic glory, one wonders the season of autumn. Theoretically, one is struck with the notion that holidays and tradition have an incisive contrast and correlation. The recent holiday of Halloween is one illustration. It is hallo eve; the day before All Saints Day. It is a time to dress up in numerous costumes, some scary to ward off evil spirits, as your guarantee to go to heaven. This is a fallacy for some whose way of thinking, however some others this is an actuality. In the course of raising children some religions don’t allow the children to take part in going out to receive candy and other treats, and the children aren’t allowed to take part in parties either. This is a form of emotional abuse when the entire neighbourhood is going out for the festive occasion. It is sad to see those who have alienation from others. This is unjust and unfortunately can’t be change. One must accept it. The next holiday is Thanksgiving and one partakes in a feast and gives thanks for what they have obtained. Usually people travel short or long distances to be with friends and family. I for one have taken part in the celebration, yet couldn’t bring oneself to eat everything that was available. One would only eat enough for one’s fill. One always eats to survive, never to survive to eat. One is going to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit family. Will be gone for ten days. Got my Christmas presents early and wrap them so all one has to do is post them. Will send them early b/c it takes three weeks to arrive where my older son and family are, and my younger son is going to San Francisco, Ca; so sending them early will be ideal. Will send some Christmas cards too before one departs. One also has a dental appt. on the eighteenth of this month and will get cab fare for that. Will also shore up on food before one departs. Will leave the twenty- sixth and return on the seventh of December. That is the day after St. Nicholas Day. It will be a ten day sojourn by bus. Really looking forward to the visit with my sister and family. One is fortunate to have plan events beforehand and to be very organised as well, and most all to have countinous good health.

Entry for November 01, 2008″ Staying Connected”

November 1, 2008

Humans, being egoistical at times, are intrinsically aware of staying connecting with others. If only a nod, smile or gesture in acknowledgement should suffice. Wherever the environs are, the result is the same. Receiving and sending emails is essential. Speaking to one’s family by phone is a pleasant positive way too. Been speaking weekly to my sister Vivian and in the same way catching up on much needed in depth conversations. Another way is instant messaging to certain family members who are further away in distance. One has done that frequently and enjoys the process. There is a very good website which my three nieces Christal, Liz, and Jenny have and one is so appreciative for it. My son, Ian and family has a website and one may view as well as read the numerous events and see pictures that are magnificent that are recent and are wonderful as well. My other son Andre has a tee- shirt website which he sells clearchannel shirts and Andre also has written an authentic, most intelligentual and entertaining music review on One may have a closer relation as a result of these sites than otherwise not. It is of utter importance to one’s emotional composure to have these when family is in far distance and it is a priceless possession and it is paramount. And friends are there too in the same vane. If one is wondering about someone and what has happened to them, where they are one may only find them on the computer. That recently happened to me. I got the phone number to clarify my findings. The priest whom I’ve known for a number had died two years ago. He had been a priest for fifty nine years.With that being said, one is in contact with his relatives and friends so as a sad time is turned into a comforting and rewarding time. What a treasure to have such technology at one’s fingertips