Entry for November 01, 2008″ Staying Connected”

Humans, being egoistical at times, are intrinsically aware of staying connecting with others. If only a nod, smile or gesture in acknowledgement should suffice. Wherever the environs are, the result is the same. Receiving and sending emails is essential. Speaking to one’s family by phone is a pleasant positive way too. Been speaking weekly to my sister Vivian and in the same way catching up on much needed in depth conversations. Another way is instant messaging to certain family members who are further away in distance. One has done that frequently and enjoys the process. There is a very good website myspace.com which my three nieces Christal, Liz, and Jenny have and one is so appreciative for it. My son, Ian and family has a website globehoppers.us and one may view as well as read the numerous events and see pictures that are magnificent that are recent and are wonderful as well. My other son Andre has a tee- shirt website which he sells clearchannel shirts and Andre also has written an authentic, most intelligentual and entertaining music review on usounds.com. One may have a closer relation as a result of these sites than otherwise not. It is of utter importance to one’s emotional composure to have these when family is in far distance and it is a priceless possession and it is paramount. And friends are there too in the same vane. If one is wondering about someone and what has happened to them, where they are one may only find them on the computer. That recently happened to me. I got the phone number to clarify my findings. The priest whom I’ve known for a number had died two years ago. He had been a priest for fifty nine years.With that being said, one is in contact with his relatives and friends so as a sad time is turned into a comforting and rewarding time. What a treasure to have such technology at one’s fingertips

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