Entry for November 02, 2008″ Holidays”

As the golden leaves grace the various trees in magestic glory, one wonders the season of autumn. Theoretically, one is struck with the notion that holidays and tradition have an incisive contrast and correlation. The recent holiday of Halloween is one illustration. It is hallo eve; the day before All Saints Day. It is a time to dress up in numerous costumes, some scary to ward off evil spirits, as your guarantee to go to heaven. This is a fallacy for some whose way of thinking, however some others this is an actuality. In the course of raising children some religions don’t allow the children to take part in going out to receive candy and other treats, and the children aren’t allowed to take part in parties either. This is a form of emotional abuse when the entire neighbourhood is going out for the festive occasion. It is sad to see those who have alienation from others. This is unjust and unfortunately can’t be change. One must accept it. The next holiday is Thanksgiving and one partakes in a feast and gives thanks for what they have obtained. Usually people travel short or long distances to be with friends and family. I for one have taken part in the celebration, yet couldn’t bring oneself to eat everything that was available. One would only eat enough for one’s fill. One always eats to survive, never to survive to eat. One is going to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit family. Will be gone for ten days. Got my Christmas presents early and wrap them so all one has to do is post them. Will send them early b/c it takes three weeks to arrive where my older son and family are, and my younger son is going to San Francisco, Ca; so sending them early will be ideal. Will send some Christmas cards too before one departs. One also has a dental appt. on the eighteenth of this month and will get cab fare for that. Will also shore up on food before one departs. Will leave the twenty- sixth and return on the seventh of December. That is the day after St. Nicholas Day. It will be a ten day sojourn by bus. Really looking forward to the visit with my sister and family. One is fortunate to have plan events beforehand and to be very organised as well, and most all to have countinous good health.

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