Entry for November 06, 2008″ Labels” Part 1

As the colder weather approaches and seasonable temps, a chance of snow showers on the horison,one will forego the daily walk today. One has been taking strolls for ten months now inspite of the weather conditions. So taking a breather is not a big deal. Why does society put labels on individuals? It is so irritating. Persons aren’t commodities, pieces of furniture, or items in a supermarket. All persons have intellects and free will in which to choose their path in life. And to put labels to stigmatise an individual is definitely wrong and may for some be a detriment emotionally. If one finds labels on a packet it is suppose to tell the ingredients inside however it isn’t necessarily precise.Persons aren’t tangible and can’t be thrown away at a moment’s notice. There isn’t a price tag on a person. In describing another one will enviably say the colour of a person’s skin. That particular person hasn’t done anything against anyone. In describing a person who is white a person doesn’t say the colour of their skin. Even if the one who is describing that person is the same or different. This of course is in general chatting or in general conversations on a daily basis. Most notably is the observation of referring blacks as african american; are whites considered causations? Or is it a word that someone dreams up politically. The Africans are proud to have come from the continent of Africa; so black Americans should have the same pride in their country. The Africans and black Americans are so different and shouldn’t be put in the same class. The Africans and black Americans are culturally different in a myriad of ways and in their thought process is different as well, so there isn’t a comparison. All individuals should be proud of who they are, and their ancestry. One should never judge a book by its couver. As one is blogging it is raining heavily and is considerably colder, so one’s decision still holds.

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