Entry for November 07, 2008″ Labels” Part 2

With the sun shining brightly yet cold locally, a blizzard is in the upper plains and hurricane Paloma is in the Caribbean momentarily ready to do havoc to the Gulf states and the Fla. peninsula once again. What a contrast and at the same time. Here in this country history was made on election day when the votes turned out to cast their ballot for either the first woman v.p.,the second Catholic v.p. or the first black President of the U.S. The campaign was fought bitterly by both sides counter reacting charges. It seemed to the average voter to be a very long process. I am an Independent and voted for Senator John Mc Cain. While still being an Independent, one voted four years ago, and cast one’s ballot for Sen. John Kerry.Yet the majority of the country voted for the first black President, so reported by the news media. The rest of the world applauded and others including myself will be in his corner. It isn’t the colour of his skin; its the content of his character. One anticipates his new administration, the selection of his cabinet as he is going across party lines to select the best of qualifications. One feels that a person could make an effort for harmony. One hopes that he will be an inspiration to others to aspire and be a shining esample. And at the same time not condone for not performing up to standards. If one would only look inside instead of only looking at the outside of a person as well as treating the person with dignity; one would go further and get things done more easily. It is a trait of laziness to stamp labels on individuals. It is a content time to have a well gifted individual in the White House. One must also remember he is and always will be a politican. With that said this country will remain with freedoms intact and safe.

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